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FHSX Suspension Strap Bodyweight Resistance Training System

FHSX Suspension Strap Bodyweight Resistance Training System

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SUSPENSION STRAP RESISTANCE TRAINING – Full Body Exercise Kit Incredibly versatile exercise accessory which is great for strengthening your upper body. The advanced design used in these suspension training straps keeps the handles stable, allowing quick mounting, and easy adjustment. The nylon webbing straps are lightweight and can be easily adjustable with a variety of bodyweight and resistance exercises.

BUILDING STRENGTH: Training straps for the home gym are easily adjustable for length Handle crafted with top-grade foam material and the handle is made of high-grade ABS plastic. Complete with an Extension strap for attaching to pull up bar, tree, sturdy metal frame or similar. Added with resistance bands this fitness multi-tool has a range of training techniques delivering you with a versatile piece of equipment for building strength, muscle and cardio stamina.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Start your workout session even at your picnic time! Our bodyweight resistance training straps are minimal in size, so they can be easily carried from one place to another even in your handbag or backpack. Don’t forget the fitness continuity due to simple reasons. Now it's time to maintain your body anywhere anytime

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: Exercise is not only for developing the body, but it is also for relaxing the mind! Get strength and elegant body structure on your own without the help of anyone. These resistance training straps set with door anchors can be used for different workouts at unique positions. By using this suspension trainer, you can improve muscle strength throughout the body

OUTDOOR EXPOSURE: Feel the natural exercise strategy! These bodyweight training straps can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. More than the indoor workout, you will feel more fresh and energetic while doing a workout outdoors. You can start your training session in the park, garden, playground

FHSX Suspension Bodyweight Resistance Training System set 

6 resistance bands - 3 levels- Gold 35lbs , Black 30lbs & Red 20lbs 

2 suspension straps - Adjustable length 

1 extension strap - for outdoor training 

1 door anchor  - for home training


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