Using Alpha GPC To Increase Sports Performance

Using Alpha GPC To Increase Sports Performance

 While there are numerous supplements that professionals recommend for improving, as well as increasing sports performance, one, in particular, stands out. Alpha GPC is a well-known drug present in various supplements and it happens to work wonders for athletes. Let’s find out why!

Understanding Alpha GPC

Alpha GCP (that's glycerylphosphorylcholine to those who might not be familiar) is a cholinergic, nootropic drug. It is a choline-containing phospholipid which is used as a precursor for both the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter as well as the synthesis of phospholipids.

Take note that research states Alpha GPC might also have the potential of treating brain diseases and dementias including Alzheimer’s disease.

Alpha GCP is present naturally in your brain and is the primary source of choline in the body. It is also found in certain food sources. Some common sources of Alpha GPC found in the daily diet include dairy and meat products, as well as wheat germ. However, usually, the concentration of this nutrient in food sources is low which is why people also take it in the form of supplements.

What can Alpha GPC do for the body?

Primarily, taking Alpha GCP can lead to an increase in the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in the body which makes it possible for the body to gain muscles in a short time! This makes it a wonderful option for athletes and gym lovers who want increased levels of HGH in their bloodstream.

However, that's not all; a study using Alpha GCP alongside caffeine and phosphatidylserine has found increased focus levels and reaction times in people undergoing acute stress, and we all know how important reaction time is in the world of athletes!

Alpha GCP is also effective when it comes to increasing lower body force production after six days of supplementation. This is highly beneficial for speed and power athletes and is widely used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes to improve their physical performance. It also increases one's power output by 14%, according to preliminary tests where 600 mg Alpha GCP was given prior to a power test to one group while placebos were given to another group.

Are there any drawbacks to Alpha GPC?

There are only a few disadvantages to this drug, namely its short period of activity and some side effects which arise if the drug is abused, such as headaches and insomnia. Note that these side effects can be eliminated if the dosage is controlled. The dose taken per day shouldn’t cross 1200 milligrams. The standard dosage is 300-600 mg according to the most common label doses.

As for the time limit for its effectiveness, all you have to do is take the drug before you hit the gym. It should create small spikes in your levels of HGH for a couple of hours which is long enough for you to make some gains.

An interesting fact is that taking Alpha GCP before your workouts can increase the time it takes to recruit your fast twitch muscle fiber! Also, in some cases people are known to take Alpha GPC alongside dietary fatty acids to help with absorption due to it being a phospholipid though this isn’t really necessary. 

Effectiveness and advantages of Alpha GPC

Compared to some of its competitors such as CDP Choline and choline, Alpha GCP is more effective as it is more readily bioavailable. Hence, it’s readily absorbed by the body. It also contains more choline by weight and that’s why the same dose of Alpha GCP will yield better results than those of the other two competitor drugs.

Advantages of Alpha GPC also include an improved mood, enhanced mental health and improved recovery from brain injury thus, resulting in better sports performance!

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