Wall Ball Vs Slam Ball, Which Product Is Better?

Wall Ball Vs Slam Ball, Which Product Is Better? - Fitness Health

Gym goers usually use weighted balls for exercise. These are quite versatile and are used for targeting various aspects of fitness including strength, explosive power, and conditioning. There are three categories of exercise balls; slam balls, medicine balls, and wall balls. Today, we will talk about the differences between a slam ball and a wall ball along with which one would suit you the most when it comes to becoming fit.

Wall balls

As understood by the name, such balls are usually used for the kinds of exercises that make use of walls in some way. The balls have been designed mainly to absorb impact when they are thrown on a rigid surface. Generally, wall balls are larger and are made of vinyl with an outer layer which is padded making them easily visible as well as convenient to catch while exercising. Examples of activities that require a wall ball are wall throws, wall squats, and wall sit ups. All of these incorporate throwing the ball at a wall and catching it again before repeating the step.

Wall balls are weighted spheres which are used in order to enhance the effects and the experience of a workout. The weight of a wall ball ranges from 2 pounds to 50 pounds. Not only that, but the ball can also vary in size. It can be as large as a beach ball too!

Moreover, wall balls are also used to enhance the result of exercises which use a person's body weight, only by holding the wall ball. Furthermore, these balls are particularly useful for increasing the level of difficulty of core exercises such as sit-ups, lunges, and squats, etc.

Slam balls

Out of the three balls mentioned above, slam balls are the heaviest and are also the most durable. The outer shell of slam balls is usually tough and is made of rubber. These balls have been designed to withstand constant throwing on the ground. Since these are solid balls, they have minor to no rebound which means that they are very efficient for workouts. Perhaps the most popular exercise using a slam ball is an activity known as the ball slam in which you throw the ball to the ground while doing a squat and then picking it up to repeat the exercise.

The purpose of incorporating slam balls into a workout is to improve a person's cardiovascular fitness along with their overall strength. Of course, slam balls can be used in place of free weights in numerous exercises such as squats and lunges; however, they are most efficient when used for throwing exercises.

Wall ball or slam ball?

The question still remains, which one of the two should you pick? If you are looking for a heavy duty ball that can withstand a god beating, then you should opt for a slam ball. Since they are the most durable of the three, they are best for activities that involve throwing the ball on a hard surface. Of course, they are not suitable for exercises that require rebounding or a partner work; however, their ability to be thrown to the ground is unmatched.

On the other hand, if you are interested in exercises that involve catching, throwing, and particularly rebounding, then your first choice should be a wall ball. A wall ball is larger in size, has a soft padding and a good grip because of which it can be caught with ease. Even if the ball hits you in the case where you miss, it won’t hurt as much as a slam ball would. Similarly, people involved in CrossFit should also choose a wall ball because CrossFit mostly involves throwing exercises.


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