What piece of equipment should every high end gym have?

What piece of equipment should every high end gym have? - Fitness Health


We all want to get the best out of our workout, which means we need to use safe and effective equipment. Here is a selection of the best equipment that every gym should have:



The majority of personal training studios around the world use these. If you don’t already have these, it would be a good idea to invest in a set. They are also not as expensive as other equipment can be, and are good for keeping track of your efforts. You can compare the weight you started with to the one you use currently.



These give you a full-body workout instead of just working one part of your body, like most fitness equipment does. When used safely with supervision, they can give you brilliant results, and there’s always a kettlebell to suit every level of fitness.


Stability Ball

These are great for core exercises. You can even get on and off them and they won’t roll away. These are good for people of all fitness levels, as they let you use your core to get from a sitting to a standing position.


Platforms or Steps

These are affordable, and people can use them in groups or individually. You can even adjust their height, which will produce great results if you use them for high intensity workouts like push-ups, chest-presses or squats.

Medicine Balls

These come in all sizes and weights, and can add an element of fun to your workout. Some even bounce, and are good for reaction drills and workouts like lunges and squats. The non-bouncing balls are used for explosive exercises, like slams and throws. They are more hardcore, and you can throw them without them flying back to you. A great choice for those who prefer to work out without a machine.

Resistance Bands

They are portable and light, which makes them ideal for when you are travelling around. You can use them both outside and indoors, and they are an excellent choice if you want to do a full-body workout.

Squat Rack

Their brackets can be easily adjusted to certain heights, so a weight won’t fall on you if it drops. They have attachments that you can use for different exercises, such as TRX Suspension Trainers and pull-ups. The more uses a squat rack has, the higher the chance you will have a better training experience.


Conditioning Equipment

This includes ladders, hurdles and cones, and they improve stamina, agility and power. They will focus on your movement more than running on a treadmill or lifting weights will. They will improve your all-round fitness levels, and make you quicker, stronger and more agile.

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