The Benefits of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is defined as “the act of putting on muscle by working out and shaping one's diet to put on more muscle mass.” Simply put, bodybuild...

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Barefoot Running Vibram-Style

Vibram-Style Barefoot Running

In 2001, Vibram Inc. initiated the investigation and analysis of a new idea in Milan, Italy. The result was an industry-changing novelty: a sole and shoe that permitted the foot to function and move as nature intended, i.e. barefoot. Five years later, Vibram FiveFingers footwear was released into the fitness market. Vibram FiveFingers therefore defies the model of...

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What is CrossFit Training and Fitness?

What is Crossfit

You might have caught the name mentioned, but possibly do not know anything about it so provided here is a brief summary on what the concept details. CrossFit itself is together an exercise programme in addition to a fitness establishment (CrossFit, Inc.), started by Greg and Lauren Glassman well over a decade ago (2000).

CrossFit claims to be a strength and conditioning...

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Testing How Fit I Am

How Fit Am I? Even if you’re a “normal” weight, that doesn’t mean that you’re fit. Just the same, being “overweight” doesn’t mean that you aren’...

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