How to change and make a difference this year

How to change and make a difference this year - Fitness Health

 How to change to make a difference this year

January is the nations favourite fitness month, with another new year upon us most of us feel we need a change, a better body, tone up, lose weight, stop eating junk food and kick start their new fitness career.

Here are some important details that will help you get it right this year.

Don’t change to many things at once, this can often have a reverse effect, the best way to make a change is by changing your pattern one step at a time.

Often people change to many things at once, people can end up hating the idea of exercise or health because they stop eating high fatty foods, start exercising, quit drinking alcohol and start becoming at one with natures world.

People strong perceptions of health, just because you want to become healthier doesn’t mean you have to fill your cupboards with rice cakes and  You could just cut down on eating crisps, high fat snacks and binge foods.

Find a real goal, it’s the most important part of finding the fitness plan, yet people don’t spend time thinking about what they really want to achieve. I want to lose weight ! why ? I need to tone up and get rid of the flabby bits! how ?

Like going to the hairdressers you need to know what cut you want first, if you walk into a hair dressers and say ”just a cut”, I am not sure you’ll get the results your looking for?

This is the same with fitness, don’t just go to the gym and lift weights because you want big muscles, look into your interests and find out what you want ?

Running, cycling, boxing, rugby, football, hockey, basketball, golf, surfing, tennis, squash etc,  all these activities are great for fitness.

For best results, sign yourself up for an event like big walk, run for life, this will give you a real reason. Doing charity events are a great way of making yourself go the extra mile.

Tell as many people as possible about your fitness event, this is a great way of placing pressure on yourself to commit and succeed.

For example

My goal this year was to complete a half marathon.

This made my training a lot easier, I knew when the event was and committed myself to the right training that I needed for that event.

For three months I trained, and when it come to the event I felt great, not only did I do the half marathon I also recorded my personal best time.

The run was challenging but easy, after completing the correct training had prepared myself with mind and body.

I felt great, this year I will compete in my first tri-athlon. I can’t wait! my training starts this month.

I give myself a real goal to work towards every year, if you have completed one of your big goals, you’ll know that its one of the most rewarding challenges you can give to yourself, others or charity



Try to help yourself this year !

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