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In recent years many trends of health come and go, and here with the fresh start of 2018, some health trends come this year also. Some of these trends appear promising while other just adding the names in the book. The trend which is good for you both inside and out seen to trend you should have your eyes on.

Some trends to keep an eye in 2018:


Collagen is the most intemperance protein in the body of humans, set up in the skin, bones, and muscles. Collagen has below-mentioned uses:


  • Collagen fillers can be used cosmetically to get rid of marks and wrinkles and helps to develop scars.
  • Injections of collagen are nowadays active in the market to fill out  and shape the skin.
  • Collagen dressing used by doctors to heal the wound by attracting new cells.
  • Collagen membranes use to improve the growth of the cells and helps in regeneration of the tissues.




Nootropics are considered as smart drugs some of them are manmade while some occur naturally to improve cognitive function and provide benefits to human brains. It can help in the following ways:


  • Helps to increase learning ability and improve memory.
  • Prevent the brain from chemical stabbings and make it work more effectively.
  • The effort to keep no or few side effects.
  • Increase motivation, performance, focus, attention, creativity, relaxation and prevent stress from occurring.

Due to it uses Nootropics also identified as “Miracle drug.”


Entomophagy is the exercise of eating insects and arachnids in the form of eggs, creepy-crawlies, and pupa as food by humans.

These small creatures contain a large amount of protein; this is the main purpose of using edible insects in many food items.

  • Caterpillars have 280g of protein per kg that is more than 20g of salmon, 30g more than pork and tofu has less than 263g than this.
  • Termites contain 350g of protein which is similar to beef that has 320g.


  • Consumes less feed than any other like chicken, beef or mutton.
  • Reduce hunger and by using edible insects helps to use the land surface for people to live.
  • It provides more productive ways of farming insects than other animals.
  • Helps to make environment fresh and resist greenhouses gases.

Entomophagy nowadays adopted by many countries like Africa, China, Indonesia, and Australia, etc.


Past year follow the trends that make skin fresh and glowing along with chemicals and other toxic elements and put people in trouble while choosing products. 2018 is now moving towards green beauty that comprises of no toxic and harmful chemicals.

Purpose of green beauty is to provide natural beauty and those products that suit every skin with no side effects.

In this process, natural products will be used and mostly comprises of herbal things.

Many large companies turn their interest towards green beauty like Unilever, Sephora and Ulta Beauty. The body shop also makes their products more effective than before.

Products using in products to encourage green beauty

  • Hibiscus plant to provide clear and glowing skin
  • Shea butter resulting from Shea tree nuts
  • Rose oil to recover damage skin


Intermittent fasting is an arrangement of taking meal by setting up it in a way to get the most out of them.


  • Intermittent fasting enhances the functioning of hormones in the human body.
  • Helps to lose weight and reduce depression.
  • Break the body fat and increases the ability of one to work more effectively.
  • People also use this way for gaining some weight and to make them healthier with low-stress



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