Trying to add muscle, eat fatty meat or lean meat?

Trying to add muscle, eat fatty meat or lean meat? - Fitness Health


Nutrients matter the most!

Are you trying to gain muscle mass? Have you started increasing your workout hours at the gym? Well, you need to understand that increasing your workout hours won’t help you in gaining muscle mass nor will it help you in gaining strength.

Would you believe if I tell you that weight training won’t help in gaining muscle but your diet plan will?

A common issue amongst people nowadays is that they prefer spending long hours at the gym doing intense workouts rather than taking care of their diet plan. People need to know that if they don’t care for the requirements of their body there is no way they can benefit from all the working out that they do. Those long hours at the gym will go to waste if a person isn’t following a diet that is full of nutrients that they body requires.

Most people who are trying to add muscle often ask about whether they should be eating lean meat or fatty meat. Regardless of you trying to add on more muscle or trying to lose some fat, or even trying to do both things simultaneously, it is important for you to consume meat.

Meat is full of nutrients that the human body needs and if you stop eating meat then you are likely to suffer from malnutrition. Therefore, you must include meat in your diet plans if you happen to be working out.

Whether you’re eating fatty meat or lean meat, you must consume the right amount of protein. Your protein intake should not be lower than what your body requires especially if you’re someone who regularly hits the gym.

Lean meat or fatty meat:

Lean meat is actually an important part of one’s diet. If you wish to gain muscle mass then consuming lean meat is definitely a great option for you. Lean beef is said to be filled with all sorts of nutrients that help in promoting muscle growth.

Research shows that it includes iron, zinc and Vitamin B. Consuming lean meat means that you’re providing your body with great amounts of high-quality protein, something that every body requires.

Also, lean meat provides the body with a high amount of amino acids and they, along with insulin, help in promoting muscle growth. People trying to lose weight should definitely eat lean meat as it is believed that a 3 oz serving of such meat actually has the same amount of protein one would find in 1.5 cups of beans; however, with half the calories. 

Fatty meat, on the other hand, isn’t quite that effective when it comes to gaining muscle mass. However, the thing with fatty meat is that it happens to be quite satiated which makes it difficult for one to overeat. Due to this, you are less likely to eat more of such meat and this will help you to lose belly fat. But most people find it difficult to eat fatty meat and they are unable to consume the required amount of proteins. They then have to eat other food items that contain protein in order to meet their body’s requirement.

This is why most people prefer lean meat over fatty meat because lean meat is easier for them to consume and they don’t have to make up for the required protein intake by eating other food items.

In the end, it can be argued that when it comes to eating lean or fatty meat, it doesn’t matter what kind you’re eating. All you need to take care of is the amount of protein your body requires whether it is from lean or fatty meat. So, go ahead and eat the type you want but keep your protein requirements in mind.



 Trying to add muscle, eat fatty meat or lean meat?

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