5 Simple Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

Simple Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

Simple Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

Although vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, most people still struggle to get enough green veggies in their body on a regular basis. This can keep them from reaching their maximum physical potential as they are missing out on a number of the vitamins and minerals that these types of food has to offer.

If you fall into this category and want to increase the greens in your diet, here are five simple ways to accomplish that goal:

  • Put them in soup. Adding vegetables to soup is a great way to bulk it up in a manner that provides a lot of additional nutrition but not a lot of additional calories. Some great veggies for this purpose include celery, spinach, and cabbage.
  • Add them to smoothies. If you’re not big on eating your greens, you can always drink them by adding them to your smoothies. Good ones to try for this purpose are spinach, kale, and cucumber.
  • Mix them in your stir fry. It is easy to get a lot of greens when you make a stir fry that is loaded with veggies anyway. Some to consider adding to yours are pea pods, broccoli, and bok choy.
  • Bulk up your salad. Although you will get a lot of greens in your salad via the lettuce, spinach, or kale base, you can add even more for a boost of body healthy greens. Cucumber, peas, and green onion work best.
  • Cook veggies as a side dish. Fry some collard greens or spinach in a little bit of olive oil and top them with a touch of salt and pepper and you will have a yummy green side dish that is loaded in nutrients.

To get the most from your greens, use fresh when possible as those contain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. Frozen is a close second and canned should be your last choice.

How do you get more greens in your diet? Feel free to comment below!

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