Can fat be lost by eating it?

Can fat be lost by eating it? - Fitness Health


Can fat be lost by eating it?


We have always been told to avoid eating fat, but this information is actually misleading. It can decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and it also helps you lose weight.

Over the last forty years, we have been informed that we must steer clear of eating fat in order to lose body fat. This came from the theory that our bodies processed all types of calories the same way. However, when this idea of eating less fat was tried and tested, it was found to be ineffective and did not help people shed weight.

In a two-year study involving thousands of people, it was discovered that a diet with low amounts of carbs and high levels of fat aided weight loss better. Scientists believe that protein and fat are more satisfying, and people feel fuller after eating these so they don’t overeat or snack on unhealthy foods later on.

Foods which contain carbs, including potatoes and cereal, turn into glucose in the body. This leads to the hormone insulin being released, which is mainly responsible for the storage of fat. If you eat lots of fat and avoid the carbs, this will help you stay healthy inside and out.

Fill your cupboards with foods which naturally contain high levels of fat, such as cheese and butter. They are made up of nutrients including saturated fat which, according the recent studies, doesn’t lead to diseases. In reality, processed oils found in packaged products, including margarine, contain trans fats which often lead to health problems such as heart disease.

Healthy fats are found in foods including nuts and avocados, but it’s tricky to make meals with them. Try adding meat, such as offal or red meat, to your meals. Previous generations used to eat these and live healthier lifestyles as a result, before obesity started to become an issue.

In short, you can eat fat to lose it. This is what the human race has always done until we created low-fat diets. Here are some of the best examples of foods which include high amounts of fat:


Always go for full-fat dairy products and avoid low-fat options. When fat is removed from these products, they have to be replaced to make up for the lost flavour and texture, which come from carbs.


The cuts of red meat with the highest amounts of fat included the T-bone. Previous generations preferred to eat these, along with liver and kidneys, because they were full of nutrients.


This is full of nutrients and natural fats, unlike margarine which is produced with processed oils from vegetables. Butter that is made from the milk of grass-fed cows contains large amounts of fatty Omega 3 acids.


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