You CAN Eat Healthy When Travelling and Here’s How!





It’s hard enough to eat healthy foods when you’re home, but when you’re travelling, it can be much more difficult. With a plethora of fast food joints and restaurants at your disposal, along with no real way to cook food, you may be tempted to choose unhealthy fare.

However, you CAN eat healthy when you’re far away from home, as long as you follow these simple tips:

  • Pack healthy snacks that travel well. There’s not much worse than having hunger strike when you’re not at home and having no way to calm it. However, if you have some healthy snacks on hand that do okay during travel, you can squelch your tummy rumble before it gets too fierce. Some great ones to keep in your purse or travel bag include trail mix, protein bars, almonds, and apples.
  • Eat every few hours. This tip is especially important if you’re crossing time zones. Because your body is used to eating at regular intervals, if you try to hold off in order to catch up to the local time, you’re going to suffer with low energy and a grouchy attitude. Instead, aim to eat every 2-3 hours so your body never gets off schedule.
  • Ask how the food is prepared. If you’re travelling to an area where you’re not totally familiar with the language, you may order food that is deep fried, covered in a high-fat sauce, and more, without intending to. So, don’t be afraid to ask how food is prepared so you can make a healthy choice.
  • Eat from the salad bar. If the option exists to prepare your own salad, this is one of the best ways to eat healthy because you control what you eat—and what you don’t. Fill your plate with dark leafy greens, colored veggies, and some beans or grilled chicken, top it with vinegar and oil and you’ve got a healthy meal.

What are your favorite travel tips to help you eat healthy while not at home?

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