5 golden breakfast rules to reduce belly weight faster

5 golden breakfast rules to reduce belly weight faster - Fitness Health

It is extremely hard to reduce belly fat and most people give up on reducing it after some time. Belly fat is a very common problem faced by both men and women because belly fat can be quite dangerous. This is because it can lead to many kinds of diseases such as chronic diseases and diabetes as well.

If you wish to reduce your belly weight, then you need to follow a strict diet pattern in order to lose weight. You might have already joined the gym and might be doing some serious workout to reduce belly weight. But the thing is the basic rule of reducing belly weight is to not skip breakfast. This is because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you skip it, then the chances of reducing belly fat will be reduced!

Let us have a look at the 5 golden breakfast rules to reduce belly weight faster:

  • Be particular and punctual about your breakfast timing

Most people feel too lazy to get up and do their breakfast properly. However, they are seriously in denial that they can get away with leaving their breakfast. If you want to reduce your belly fat make sure you have your breakfast within an hour. This will increase the rate of metabolism and will reduce belly fat.

  • Take plenty of protein

If you will eat breakfast which is full of protein, it will help you in reducing belly weight as fast as anything. Protein enriched breakfast includes omega 3 eggs and Greek yogurt. Have a look at other protein meal recipes to include in your everyday breakfast as well.

  • Increase the amount of fiber in your diet

Fiber is very important for your health. The reason is that it will keep you active for a very long time and make it possible for you to strive on a bit of hunger. This will help you in reducing your belly weight quickly. You must eat atleast 8 grams of fiber every morning to reduce your belly fat.

  • Try to manage your portion size

You are eating healthy but not taking care of your portion size. This will not help in reducing the belly fat at all. You have to keep account of the number of calories you can take in a day. It is recommended that your breakfast must not have more than 350 calories.

  • Your meal timings

You should be aware of the hours in between your meals. The ideal timing between breakfast and lunch should not be more than 6 hours, while the overnight fast should be of 19 hours. Make sure you are aware of these ideal timings in between your meals. These meal timings should be followed strictly so that you are in a proper routine and do not keep on munching junks in between these meals. If you will follow proper meal timings, then you will reduce your belly weight faster!


So, these were the 5 golden breakfast rules to reduce belly weight faster. Belly weight is extremely hard to reduce specially for women after delivering their babies. However, it is not something which is impossible.

With proper intake of meals, cutting out on excess calories, doing a bit of exercise and most importantly following these 5 golden breakfast rules, it will be extremely easy to reduce belly weight.

Read these golden rules of breakfast properly and then make up the entire months breakfast menu so that you can have different breakfast meals every day. Having different meals every day will motivate you to follow these breakfast rules for a longer time and hence aid in reducing belly weight.


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