The Best Exercise Machine for Losing Belly Fat


Visceral fat which is generally known as belly fat is a health concern as it is associated with a higher risk of type 2 Diabetes with severe chances of insulin resistance and even certain cancers along with various heart diseases according to the research published in Yonsei Medical Journal.

Moreover, belly fat makes a person conscious of his or her physical appearance. Hence, by following a healthy routine which includes a healthy diet and most significantly a religiously followed exercise plan. Exercise is one of the most efficient ways to curb this demon. But one may ponder, from where to begin as there are so many available options.

In the market, there are available various exercise machines which may help a person to reduce fat in a short span of time. However, there are certain things to remember and take into consideration before buying an exercise machine to reduce tummy fat. Such as:

  • Preferable exercise of your choice
  • Availability of space
  • Budget
  • Review the products first then buy later

How much Cardio Machines are Effective? The role cardio machines play in burning calories is phenomenal as one can choose from a list of options such as Treadmills to Rowing machines or from Elliptical trainer to Exercise bikes. In addition, these machines play a significant role in keeping heart disease at a pace and focus primarily on reducing stress on the heart.

How much Fat Burning Rate Cardio Machines Offer? The machines offer a range of fat burning rates as it varies from a minimum of 10 calories per minute to a maximum of 17 calories per minute.

 However, it is to be noted that these rates of burning calories are not limited to a particular area of the body. For instance, the shedding of calories is not particularly linked to the belly area rather its area of influence is all over the body.

Cardio Machines which primarily impact areas around the stomach:

Following are some of the best cardio machines to reduce fat around the belly area.



It is one of the simplest ways to reduce calories by walking at a significant pace without inducing too much pressure on your joints. While running, a person’s whole body is involved so it may help to reduce extra fats particularly if they exist in your stomach area.

Elliptical Trainer

2.Elliptical Trainer

The main advantage of elliptical trainer over any other cardio machine is that it involves both upper and lower body workout. For instance, it utilises triceps, biceps, chest, back, quadriceps and hamstrings in a workout.

As a result, one can lose fat in lesser time as more muscles are involved. Further, it has a non-impact nature so it would not cause any pain if you have joints problem.

spin bike 

3.Stationary Bike

Cycling on Stationary bike helps to reduce belly fat by strengthening body muscles particularly abdomen muscles. Being an aerobic exercise, it may also help to maintain the circulation of oxygen to the lungs without keeping you completely breathless.


4.Rowing Machine

With a burning rate of 11 calories per minute rowing machine provide the complete body work out more than any other cardio machine. It involves the entire body while working out as it has an efficient mechanism to enhance heart rate and strengthen upper, lower and core areas.

               However, the key to attain maximum gains lies in using these machines the way they are designed for and the mechanism they followed. In order to reduce body fat and belly fat in particular, living a stress-free life along with a habit of clean eating is utmost necessary apart from doing hard exercises and reaching heart rate to the highest levels.


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