SkiErg Vs. Rower Concept 2, Which is better ?


SkiErg and a Rower, often known as ergometers, use the same flywheel resistance and electronic monitoring systems. These power machines have the same measurements, read data the same way, and can fit in any exercise space easily. Both feature robust construction, making them last forever.

Although many features are similar, these are quite different when you get down to it.

Let's look into the differences between these exercising machines!

How an Ergometer's Features Differ?

SkiErg takes the active sport of Nordic Skiing, whereas Rower takes the principle of a rowing screw on an actual boat and applies it to an indoor setting.

The rowing machine uses a single handle and chain, whereas the SkiErg has two handles connected by a rope, allowing arms to move together or separate.  

Which Muscles get Worked?

Rowing is lower body dominant, whereas, the SkiErg is upper body focused. The main muscles that the SkiErg machine targets are those of the arms and core (this includes the triceps, biceps, and the abs). The secondary muscles, when it comes to being targeted, are the quadriceps and glutes.

The Rower machine works on your upper back, mid-back (at either side of your torso), the front and back of your thighs. Your core muscles, biceps, and forearms are worked on, too.

Both machines provide a considerable lower back workout if you are using them correctly. However, not at the same magnitude as you would get using the Rower.

Rower stands out compared to a SkiErg because of the higher count of muscles being worked.  

How do Ergometers Work?

The way these ergometers work differ. SkiErg begins with the body extended and arms bent. Next, it contracts the core and closes at the hips, bends the legs and extends the arms to finish in a compressed position.

The Rower starts in a compressed position with arms extended. Next, it straightens the legs and makes you open at the hips. Finally, to finish, you need to pull the arms in an extended position.  

Benefits of a Mixed-Ergometer Workout!

Pairing both to create one exercise can spice up your fitness regime. Combined workouts with the SkiErg and Rower are complementary using different movements and muscles.

Spending long hours, during winter, on the Rower is excellent preparation for getting back on the water in the spring, but it can create an imbalance. Rotating with some complimentary workouts can help offer a change of pace; it aids in balancing your opposing muscles during training sessions.

The Rower opens at the hip, whereas SkiErg closes at the hip. Changing different exercise modes allows one set of muscles to recover while another set does more work, allowing for longer workouts.

Furthermore, both offer a change of position. Concept 2 Rower gives a chance for a seated exercise, whereas the SkiErg provides an opportunity to stand.

You can ask your workout partner to join to make the training sessions less dull or daunting. Your partner can ski while you row, and vice versa.

In the case of leg injury or someone who would only want an upper body workout, the SkiErg would be a better option. It works in a seated position to isolate the upper body muscles.

Here is a workout idea!

You can alternate a four-minute row with a four-minute ski, along with one to three minutes of rest in between. Repeat four to eight sets; the work intensity should be the maximum effort you can give during each set. The shorter the rest period, the more helpful it will be to increase your muscular endurance.

Wrapping It Up

Though there are some differences, as well as similarities when it comes to the SkiErg and Rower, both are complimentary if used properly. You should consider putting the two together to work your entire body.


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