Best 5 TRX HIIT Exercises

Best 5 TRX HIIT Exercises


If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you know that I believe in both TRX (suspension training) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) for advancing your physical fitness. It only makes sense then that combining these two workout techniques offers even more benefits, such as creating more muscle mass and having higher levels of stamina and endurance. With that thought in mind, here are five of the best exercises that incorporate both TRX and HIIT and provide some pretty amazing results:

  1. Chest Presses. Chest presses can build tremendous upper body muscle and doing them using TRX just magnifies that effect. Add HIIT by engaging in three series of 10-15 high intensity reps followed by 20 seconds of rest and imagine how your chest, arms, and shoulders are going to respond!
  2. Pushups. TRX HIIT pushups also work your upper body, placing even more emphasis on muscles in your upper and middle back. So, add these to your routine and you will look as good from the back as you do the front.
  3. Jump Squats. The TRX jump squat performed using HIIT techniques is another favorite when it comes to getting results. Your thighs will definitely burn while doing them, but the amount of strength and mass you will gain will be more than worth it.
  4. Single Leg Squats. In addition to the jump squat, TRX single leg squats performed with HIIT pack an amazing lower body punch while helping strengthen your core at the same time. And with summer in full swing, there will be no worries about how your legs will look as they’ll be absolutely amazing!
  5. Kneeling Rollouts. Talk about working your entire core. This exercise does that and then some. By adding the intervals to the mix, your tummy will be flatter and fitter—every fitness enthusiasts dream!

What are some of your favorite TRX HIIT exercises? I’d love to know! one of my favourites - the squat press 

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