HIIT vs MetCon – Which workout is best for burning fat?

HIIT vs MetCon – Which workout is best for burning fat? - Fitness Health


People interested in fitness might find themselves wondering about the difference between HIIT and MetCon. Let’s take a look at both!

MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning. It is a style of training that’s become quite common in the CrossFit Community. Such a form of working out can easily be incorporated into your usual gym schedule (depending on your health goals).

MetCon workouts are short, sharp, and intense. MetCon keeps your rest period short and makes the body work hard.

HIIT has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Studies show that HIIT provides the human body with the maximum health benefits in minimum time. HIIT focuses on very high intensity exercises followed by a predetermined rest interval.

The Difference between MetCon and HIIT

MetCon and HIIT are both tools that can be used by fitness enthusiasts. MetCon workouts are meant to be performed at maximum sustained effort, whereas HIIT increases the heart rate up to 80% of the maximum limit.

The rest interval for a MetCon workout is fixed (usually 20 seconds between rounds). On the other hand, following the HIIT workout plan, the rest or recovery will be dictated by the fitness protocol being followed. Some HIIT plans give you an entire minute of rest, while some only offer 10 or 15 seconds.

MetCon workouts encourage the use of weights. It will have you performing dumbbell squats, chest presses, and the like for increased anaerobic as well as strength-training benefits. Take note; the addition of weights does increase the risk of injury.

On the contrary, HIIT workouts incorporate cardio and bodyweight-based plans. For example, you’ll find yourself doing mountain climbers, burpees, etc.

In short, HIIT workouts are a form of metabolic conditioning, but not all metabolic conditioning workouts can be regarded as HIIT workouts.

Which workout is better for burning fat?

If you want to accelerate overall fat loss, it is best to train at higher intensities. The term high intensity refers to your current fitness level. If you are a beginner, high intensity could simply be a fast-paced walk.

The metabolic conditioning exercises are high paced exercises with tiny rest intervals between the workouts. This burns calories, increasing your metabolism in return. The short rest period is what makes metabolic training different than HIIT. Limiting the amount of rest between workouts keeps your heart rate elevated, and this burns more calories and helps boost your metabolism even after you leave the gym.

That’s why metabolic conditioning could prove to be very helpful in burning calories along with eating in deficit if you want to lose calories without losing muscle mass.

HIIT is simply working out at higher rates, followed by periods of recovery to allow your heart rate to normalize. The recovery time is dependent on your normal heart rate. The maximum heart rate is calculated by:

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR): 220 – Your Age

The high intensity heart rate is calculated by:

HIHR: (220 – Your Age) x 0.85

The goal of a good workout should not be just to lose weight. The goal should be to lose weight by getting rid of extra body fat while restoring or maintaining muscle mass.

HIIT vs MetCon

The bottom line in the High Intensity Interval Training vs Metabolic Conditioning debate is that both workout techniques are very effective when it comes to burning fat and maintaining or even gaining lean muscle. It all comes down to what your fitness goals are and where you are in the journey.

If you’re a fan of lifting weights to lose unwanted fat, you should consider opting for a MetCon training plan. However, if you’re more comfortable with using bodyweight, then HIIT is for you.

Now, before you begin, do consider checking with a fitness trainer to figure out which type of training will be the best for you.


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