Can green tea help you lose belly fat?


Green tea is commonly called as the super food. This is because it is full of antioxidants and can help to reduce the affects a lot of diseases such like cancer. Green tea is extremely popular in Asia. Apart from preventing diseases, green tea increases the rate of metabolism in the body as well.

Research has proven that green tea can help you to lose weight. This is due to the reason that green tea is known to target the fat cells and it burns more fat cells when you are exercising or working out. Green tea also stops the body from absorbing sugar and fats.

Green tea may help you to lose your belly fat

Although green tea does not make you absolutely thin, but if you will regularly drink green tea you can get rid of the dangerous fat. If you have excess abdominal fat, it can lead to various and severe health conditions.

A research conducted revealed that people who regularly drank green tea lost more than 3 pounds which is quite good. The best thing about drinking green tea is that most of the fat which is reduced is from the abdominal region which if is excessive can lead to several health conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

One more study conducted revealed that those who drank green tea regularly lost a few inches from their waist as well as lost the subcutaneous and visceral fat. If you have a lot of visceral fat it can lead to inflammation as well insulin resistance which can then lead towards many diseases.

A lot of studies have been conducted on the effects that green tea has on the body. It was revealed that green tea has modest effects on the body, it does help in reducing a lot of harmful visceral fat.

Green tea stops the body from absorbing sugars and fats

This is possibly one of the biggest advantages of drinking green tea. While green tea may not drop down or reduce a significant amount of body weight, it can stop the body from absorbing a lot of sugars and fats.

Green tea can lower down the dietary fat which is absorbed by the body. Apart from this, green tea helps in losing weight as it reduces the appetite of a person. This means that you will then naturally consume lesser calories a day.

The primary motive of green tea is to make you burn fat and calories. It is a fact that every advertisement or commercial regarding weight loss that we see has green tea listen in the core ingredient. This is due to the fact that green tea can reduce the fat specially during exercise.

A study conducted revealed that those men who drank green tea before starting their exercise burned 17 percent more fat than those who did not. This proves that green tea has the ability to boost fat burning cells during exercising.

Apart from this, there are many other studies which have proven that EGCG boosts fat burning which in turn reduces the body fat.


Green tea is an ideal way to lose some weight. Although it should not be considered as a miracle weight loss solution but it is true that it increases the metabolism and helps the body to burn fat when exercising.

Drinking green tea or taking its supplements with your meal can stop the catechins from getting absorbed in the blood. It is preferable to drink green tea on an empty stomach. You can easily include a cup of green tea in your daily regime and will soon discover the amazing benefits this tea has.


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