What is a slow carb diet?

What is a slow carb diet? - Fitness Health



The slow carb diet was created by the author Tim Ferriss. It is made up of rules which he claims are the best when it comes to fat-loss. He states that the diet can help you lose up to 9kg of fat in just one month without working out. You burn this fat when you steer clear of foods that lead to fat storage. However, the results improve if you do partake in exercise.

The diet is made up of five rules to keep things simple:

  1. Don’t drink calories
  2. Don’t eat carbohydrates from “white” foods e.g bread.
  3. Don’t consume fruit.
  4. Eat similar meals in small portions repeatedly.
  5. You can eat anything you want once a week.

With regards to the fourth rule, there are certain vegetables and types of meat you can include in your meals, such as black beans and roast beef. You can eat as many of these as you like, without needing to check how many calories you are consuming. Forget about counting calories. Instead, eat until you are full.

Eating the same meals repeatedly should be simple, and include foods that consist of large amounts of fibre and 20g of protein, so you feel fuller for longer and lose fat. Ferriss even suggests drinking one glass of red wine every day can help you recover faster from exercise and weight-loss. This can also make eating out easier, with regards to the fifth rule.

Eating as soon as you wake up in the morning will help you to lose fat. Choose a breakfast containing high amounts of protein. Smoothies with 30g of added protein powder or around 3 boiled eggs are highly recommended. You can drink caffeine, as long as you don’t add sugar or milk. Don’t eat sugar, fruit or “white” foods, such as bread or potatoes, while you are on the diet. You can eat these on the cheat day, though you can eat tomatoes in moderation.

However, there is a downside to eating too much of what you like. You may feel you are doing well in your workout sessions but you are risking losing muscle, increasing your cholesterol and gaining fat.

Many people have tried the slow carb diet but research shows it is more suited to people who need to lose weight. You may find that you’ll stay on track if you do the diet with a family member or friend. You can even download the app Lift to your phone, so you can monitor your progress.

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