Berry goodness


Berries are one of best food nutrients we can choose in our daily diet for the intake of vital vitamins and minerals, not only can they supply us with rich nutrients but berries are also great at burning fat.

Eating more berries can increase your all important antioxidants. These antioxidants can help your immune system grow stronger whilst fighting the bad diseases . Berries have a high manganese content, this nutrient helps clear and flush the bad toxins from our digestive system.

Fresh berries are always the best choice for fast energy snacks. Because berries are so soft and easy to digest this makes an ideal half time energy top up. Doctors recommend berries to overweight people or individuals whom suffer from insulin problems as they can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Rich in vitamin C berries help boost the production of cells like L cartinine, these cells are great for our metabolisms helping  breakdown and burn off fat.

One of the best and easiest ways to get your daily berry fibre fix is by making your own smoothie, follow the Mixed berry smoothie recipe for more information.

Also berries increase fibre in the digestive system, fibre can speed up the digestive process making berries pass fats faster.


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