Diet Drinks Are They Good for You ?


We drink diet drinks because often we think that the drink option without sugar is healthier for us. All the diet drinks advertise "0 calories" so that we automatically think that diet drinks are better for our health. Unfortunately this is not really true, as non of the drinks are healthy and all contain mostly man made artificals  that enhance the taste. The real truth about diet drinks are that they trick our brains into thinking it is a sweet drink, when really it isn't , this can have negative health effects later in life. The process that happens once we drink diet drinks is more dangerous because our brain reads messages sent from our taste buds saying that the drink is heavy in sugars therefore it releases large amounts of insulin into our blood to deal with all the sugars transporting them around the body.


When insulin is released from our liver but it is wasted when it finds there is no sugar entering the blood stream just sweeteners,  the more insulin released in the blood stream without sugar being present the more we increase our risk of diabetes later in life. I believe these drinks are linked to the increase type 1 diabetes. Diabetes has been on the increase in World  for the last 20 years, we consume sugars in many different forms today. In this day and age sometimes choosing a brand with a diet logo doesn't necessary mean healthier this is healthier for us in the long term. Always check the contents on the can or bottle before drinking, it's important to know what's inside everything you put into your body.

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