Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system - Fitness Health


What are the ways for improving your immunity? Thus, you must know that your immune system has a remarkable task of fighting against the diseases that cause microorganisms. However, it may fail at times. You can get sick because of the successful invasion of germs. Let us have a look at the detailed ways of strengthening your immune system:

Try to Follow Healthy Diets

You must ensure to intake healthy nutrients from the foods based on plants like fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. These are the essential nutrients required by the body for making your immune system stronger. They contain the antimicrobial as well as antiviral properties. They help effectively in fighting against infectious diseases.

Even spices like thyme, oregano, cumin, clove, and cinnamon have the properties to prevent the growth of bacteria to spoil the food. We get zinc, iron, selenium, folate, vitamins (A, C, E, B12 and B6) and copper from the food. These nutrients also make your immune system stronger.

Remember our bodies cannot produce vitamin C on its own. It is plays a vital role in fighting against diseases by making the immune system stronger. You can get it from cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, and kiwis.

Moderate Intake of Alcohol

Most of you might be addicted to alcohol. But wait, let me tell you something.

People who consume a lot of alcohol within a day are risking their lives by themselves. In simple words, too much alcohol consumption can lead to many negative effects on health. One of the biggest risks is that it tends to lower the person’s immunity. When you consume alcohol in a greater amount, the body will try its best to detoxify the entire system. It will try to balance the immune system. However, the body starts to get weak due to this high intake. It loses its strength to fight against infections. Moreover, the recovery time also slows down. Therefore, try to consume a moderate amount of alcohol. 

Quit Smoking

Too much alcohol consumption and smoking similarly affect your health. In other words, cigarettes release some chemicals like nicotine, cadmium, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. All these toxic chemicals (gases) can disturb your growth along with the immune cell’s function. It can also increase infections (bacterial) and virals. Moreover, people with lung issues like tuberculosis, pneumonia, and flu, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-surgical infections are likely to face problems due to extreme smoking. Therefore, if you are a chain smoker, then kindly quit it right now. Go for counseling sessions or adopt some healthy habits like exercising and socializing.

Improve your Sleep Cycle

If you think that these are the only ways to strengthen the immune system, then you are wrong. That’s not all about it. A proper sleep cycle is really important. The body starts to regenerate and heal once you go to sleep. An adequate amount of sleep leads to improving the immune system. Secondly, during sleeping, the body will produce and spread the main immune cells, such as cytokines, interleukin 12, and T cells. However, if you are not having proper sleep, then your body won’t fight against any disease. Thus, try to sleep earlier for at least eight hours. 

Controlling the Symptoms of Chronic Diseases

People with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease can even affect their immune system. Moreover, it can also increase the probability of infections. In simple words, patients with type-2 diabetes who are taking this disease lightly should know how dangerous it is. It can produce an inflammatory (low-grade) and chronic response, which weakens their body’s immune system. Thus, visit your doctors on time and follow their prescription religiously. It can protect you from further tensions.



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