Milk thistle healthy gall bladder

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Milk thistle healthy gall bladder

Milk thistle, also known as Silybum marianum, is a plant that serves as an important herb for humans. It has many vital roles in the well-being of our body, such as providing heart benefits, keeping lungs healthy, and promoting healthy liver functioning, and treating gall bladder disorders.

In addition, it is widely known for treating stones that may develop in your gall bladder. Hence, you would not require a painful surgery to get them out of your body. Want to know more? Stick with us and continue reading below.

What is gall bladder?

Gall bladder is like a small pouch that lies under the liver. Its main function is to store the bile juice which is produced by the liver. This is released into the small intestine when needed to digest fats.

Problems that may occur in gall bladder

Even though gall bladder has no vital function in our body, it could still develop conditions that may be harmful to us. Some of these conditions are;

  • Gall bladder stones

Sometimes, the components of bile juice can turn into a solid form. These stay in the gall bladder and are known as gallstones. It can cause nausea, and may be quite painful if left untreated.

  • Gallstone pancreatitis

This occurs when the gallstones in the bladder restricts the channel ducts to the pancreas. This blocks the drainage of pancreas. It can cause inflammation of the pancreas which needs to be treated as soon as possible.

  • Cholecystitis

This is an infection that develops if gallstones are left in the gall bladder for long. Cholecystitis results in extreme pain, and fever.

How does milk thistle help in healthy gall bladder functioning?

Now, we are going to tell you about the role milk thistle plays in promoting a healthy functioning of the gall bladder.

  • Promotes the flow of bile juice

Milk thistle allows the smooth flow of bile juice from the gall bladder. Thus, the juice can flow out without any hindrance whenever required by the body.

  • Detoxification

Also, it help in removing toxic substances out of the gall bladder. This prevents the development of any diseases that could be harmful to the human body.

  • Remove gallstones

Milk thistle can also be taken to shrink gallstones that grow in the gall bladder. They may eventually flush out if their size decreases significantly. Thus, they will be removed without causing any pain. Furthermore, it can also prevent the formation of gallstones in the bladder, thus keeping it healthy.

Other benefits of milk thistle

Apart from keeping our gall bladder healthy, milk thistle is also beneficial for other organs as well.

  • Liver

Milk thistle allows detoxification of harmful substances, such as alcohol.  Moreover, it can reduce the inflammation of liver which may occur due to any reasons. As milk thistle is an antioxidant, it can protect liver against damage from free radicals.

  • Bones

Milk thistle can help in stimulating the mineralization in bones. This keeps the bone stronger even during the ageing process, and prevent loss of bones.

  • Lower blood sugar level

This useful herb also has the ability to reduce the amount of sugar level absorbed in the blood. This is beneficial for those who suffer from type-2 diabetes. In addition to this, milk thistle can decrease the chances of developing diabetes related problems, such as kidney diseases. So, you can keep your blood sugar level in check by consuming this herb.

  • Heart

Taking in milk thistle can allow the cholesterol levels to drop. As a result, conditions related to heart are prevented, such as a stroke. So, along with others, milk thistles encourages good heart health.


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