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Tongkat Ali (also translated as Alis walking stick) comes from a branch called Eurycoma longifolia Jack. The drug is widely used in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia for its aphrodisiac effects. The new system is transforming the life style of thousands of marriages around the world.

Is Tongkat Ali legal UK?

It has not been banned in the U.K. and has no restrictions on the British government list for its herbs (15).

Does Tongkat Ali really work?

Those taking 100 mg tongkat ali daily had significantly more lean weight than randomized control group. They also lost a lot of weight compared to participants with a placebo (21).

What is the best form of Tongkat Ali to take?

Double Wood Supplement - The Complete Tongkat Ali Supplement. The Tongkat Ali Extract by Doublewood Supplements are combination supplements with Tongkat ali and Trillium Terrestria. This combination can improve your libido, boost testosterone levels reduce cortisol levels and help relieve tension.

Tongkat Ali Woods Health Supplements And Vitamins

Does tongkat ali really work?

The study found that those taking tongkat ali extract per day had more muscle mass and significantly more lean body mass than those taking placebo. They ate less fat and stayed a healthy weight compared to the placebo group (22).

Should you take tongkat ali everyday?

Clinical studies showed Tongkat Ali to be safe and effective. The recommended dosages are 200-400 mg. Depending upon your reason and your health you should use it. You should take it when you have breakfast and then after.

Does tongkat ali increase testosterone?

Tongkatali is a herbal medicine used to heal people for centuries. Research shows the increase in testosterone in the body as well as the ability to adapt and respond to stress.

What does tongkat ali do for a man?

Erectile dysfunction treatment helps increase testosterone levels, improves libido, and increases erectility. Tong kai increase men's fertility, motility, sexual motivation and overall fertility.

What is the best form of tongkat ali?

AKHARALI tongkatali supplement. The patented extract and freeze dried process makes it available in a variety of forms with 13% erycomanione content from yellow Tongkat ali root, to give your body the best possible results with minimal additives.


1 - Pure Indonesian Root Extract (600mg per Capsule)

Root Extract at the ratio of 200:1. It comes directly from Eurycoma Longifolia root and is extracted from water and ethanol removing during the food production process. Now the tongkats can also be purchased as 400 or 600 mg tablets. Although neither product offers more value we wanted our clients more choices for purchasing it.

Choq Tongkat 100

Image provided by Choq Tongkatali is a natural dietary supplement created from Tongkat Al root Extracts. This aids in improving the energy and libido and overall vitality in a healthy way. These supplements were used for centuries to improve many health benefits the size of the penis, the sexual function and the fertility. Choq is an international Tongkat Ali supplements brand that has only the purest ingredients.

Nootropics Depot Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

I am looking for an excellent Tong Kat Al supplement that I can eat at home. Nootropic Depository is the best place for a great product and a fantastic service! We use only quality ingredients sourced directly from Indonesia. Our capsules have the power to enhance sexual health by combining phytochemicals with bioactive compounds.

Tongkat Ali  Health Supplements And Vitamins

Pure Bulk Longjack Extract

The Tongkatali shrub, also termed longjack or malaysia ginseng, is a native shrub in Indonesia and Philippine regions. Since ancient time the Southeast Asian people have used this plant for herbal remedies. Toongkatali is the name for Ali - his stick of walking on his feet in a Malay dialect. According to some sources this name may refer to the slim appearance or the medicinal aphrodisiac power of this plant. Tongkatali is also called tongkara pahit (bitter medicine) because the intense bitter taste is expressed in their roots.

What is the recommended dosage?

200 to 400 mg Tongkat Ali daily has an optimal and safe effect. Most clinical research and clinical trials have a daily intake of between 200 mg and 400 mg of Tongkat. For a more effective and healthy lifestyle, Tongkat Ali should be consumed as a supplement daily.

Dorado Nutrition Fadogia Agrestis and Tongkat Ali

Dorado Nutrition Fadogia Agestis and Tongkat Ali contains fadogia agrestis et tongkat ali powder. This product is manufactured from Fadogia Agrestis, a US-based herbal supplement company. This product represents another tongkatali supplement currently available for sale. Tongkatali is a natural aphrodisiac used throughout Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Malaysia. The drug helps boost libido - increasing sexuality and boosting sexual performance.

Clean Nutra Fadogia Agrestis Tongkat Ali

How can I increase the body testosterone? Look for natural supplements at Clean Nutr. Fadogie Agrestis Tongkat Ali! Our capsules are made with only the highest ingredients obtained directly from Indonesia and contains a powerful blend of phytochemicals which have been shown to reduce testosterone levels.

Force Factor Longjack Tongkat Ali

Images courtesy of Force Factor. Take a regular nutrient for your health and increase your chances for a healthy pregnancy. Longjack, Tankat Ali, Eurycya hortifolia, Pasak Bumi and Malaysian Ginseng - whatever you call them, these plants are highly beneficial for its various traditional medicine use. Although Longjack has been harvested from Southeast Asia for centuries to support many health purposes, the most commonly used applications are aimed at improving the vitality.

Momentous Huberman Stack, Tongkat Ali

The Momentous Huberman stack is a proprietary Tongkat Ali Extract developed in conjunction with the Grande Vinci Stack. Tongkat Ali is standardized for 25% Eurycomanine along with elevated amounts of Tribulus Terrestris D-aspartic Acid and L-arginine to enhance the potency. The Momentous Huberman Stable offers a wide variety of Tongcat Ali supplement options and is formulated to deliver high levels of health benefits.

Bronson Vitamins Longjack Tongkat Ali Root Extract Extra Strength

Photographer Bronson. Is tiredness really a weakness? Often this is caused by high testosterone levels. It can improve the resistance and return to play using the extra strength of the Bronson vitamins. It's a good supplement with an excellent rating, and can work for just 1 week.

Advance Physician Formulas Tongkat Ali 200 mg

This supplement combines all the advantages of a traditional Longjack Tongkat Ali product to increase them by almost half. This is the only supplement with an energy booster with a great amount of antioxidants which will support the immune system.

Piping Rock Tongkat Ali longjack, 1200 mg

Piping rock tongkat Ali also known as Longjack or Eurycoma longifolia has an ancient medicinal history used for generations. The plant originates from Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia, Thai or Indonesia. The tree roots contain several substances beneficial for male health, particularly queasinoids, and alkaloids. Often attributed to its symbolism fortitude, the herb can be consumed as a dietary supplement.

Now Foods TestoJack 100 with Tongkat Ali Vegetarian Capsules

This powerful supplement contains Tongka Ali from the finest ingredients. This potent supplement was produced by an established manufacturer now known as Tongkat Ali and currently ranks at number 18 in the list of top tongkat ali supplements in 2022. It's backed by a moneyback guarantee and it gets good reviews from customers.

What does it contain?

The product consists of standardized Tongkat Ali PhystaTM extract tested clinically over 20 years. We use high-grade Tongkat Ali Bioactive Specification as the primary ingredient in all MIT products.

Is the extract standardized?

The AKARAI extraction protocol has been developed in line with Malaysian standard M2409. The product has more power and efficacy than other extraction techniques. The Malaysian standard MS2409 established in 2011 provides the quality requirements for freeze soaked water extracted from dried Tongkate Ali Root. The product is in conformity to an internationally regulated standard MS IEC/S.

Quantum Nutrition Labs Men's Quantum Fuel

Images courtesy Quantum Nutrition Labs Quantum nutrition lab Mens Quantum Fuel contains Tongkat Ali. Designed by the reputable Quantum Nutrition Labs, the nutrient is currently ranked number 24 in 2022. It offers a money-back guarantee as well as good reviews.

How long does it take to work?

Like any natural dietary supplement, Tongkat Ali requires time. Expect to have improved energy levels within four to twelve weeks if you can. The time required for the production and evaluation of health results follows the findings of various medical tests of Tongkat Ali. Some clients saw gains within a few weeks. The outcomes depend on the type of diet you follow.


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