Tongkat Ali What It Is it? Health Benefits and Side Effects



Tongkat Ali is rapidly achieving popularity for its potential to improve testosterone, muscular mass, and libido while possessing nootropic qualities. Some of the supplements which promote the benefit have many adverse consequences such as hormonal suppression or toxic effects. However, tongkat is a pure herbal product with no adverse impacts and does not have any residues or benefits during a cycle. Tongkaida Ali is a highly commended product for the elderly as well as those looking to enhance their performance in a natural way and increase their muscles.


The Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali may be most commonly used for aphrodisiac therapy but has many applications in folk medicine. Native of southeast Asia, tongkatali (Eurycoma longifolia) is an annual shrub which has a high amount of dietary nutrients including quasidyl-alkaline, flavonoids, and biotinyl. Traditional medicine treats different conditions using the bark of the shrub. However roots in shrubs have many bioactive substances. Traditionally called Jack Long Jack or Ali umbrella, Tongkat ali contains dietary supplement, energy beverage and coffee.

Tongkat Ali Extract: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

This list of content we feel will be useful to our readers. The sale of products via our link may result in an additional commission. This is the process. The ngkatali plant is a traditional Southeast Asian medicine. It's commonly abused for a broad range of health issues. The study suggests tongkar ali increases male sex and fertility.

Tongkat ali: Benefits and side effects

Tongkatali has traditionally been a Chinese remedy for male sexual performances. Advocates using traditional medical medicine have cited the plant as helping alleviate other ailments in patients. The property of tongkat ali was gaining popularity with recent research. Patients with ill health should be careful when trying these medicines because of certain medical problems. Continue reading for information about tongkatali traditional applications and what evidence is available about its health effects in humans.

What happens when you take tongkat ali?

Eurycoma longifolia is also called the Tongcat or Longjack. Its effects on fertility are good. It's also possible that tests on estrogen can boost testosterone production. Tongkat Ali is the main source of healthcare use.

How long before tongkat ali works?

In males who had low testosterone levels (1.55 g/day) and were able to increase their testosterone levels with supplemental glycerol and tongkat ali, the dietary supplement may contribute to these changes.

Does tongkat ali need to be taken with food?

To give a better answer Tongkat Ali's food is good for digestion and is suitable for eating. It is not available for consumption. It should therefore be taken before taking supplements or consumed a small meal. Tongkat Ali can also be purchased in tablet or capsule form.

Can tongkat ali be taken everyday?

Possible effects and dosages. A study found tongkatali extract was safe for use in humans compared with a placebo. ( 14 ). Other studies have suggested tongkat ali extract may be safe for adults but it has not been investigated for studies.

How safe is tongkat ali?

Tongkat ali seems safe with a daily dose of 300 g per ounce in a healthy adult. However, tongkatali has not been tested on pregnant and breastfeeding women for safety reasons. Some supplement contains mercury.

How long does it take for tongkat ali to work?

In a study of 57 males with high testosterone and lower body mass, a 1-month daily dietary supplement (200 mg/kg per day with tongkat ali) exhibited significantly better serum testosterone and quality-of-life parameters.

How long does tongkat ali take to increase testosterone?

Most of Tongkatalis's study on testosterone demonstrated significant improvement from two weeks to 24 weeks. Tongkat Ali has shown an improvement in young people from age 25 to 40 with varying phenotypes.

What does tongkat ali do for the body?

Modern supplements contain tongkatali that is used to boost libido and energy, improve blood sugar and blood pressure, and increase calorie intake.

Recent scientific research has suggested that Tongkat Ali supplements have multiple health benefits, here are 4 of its most supported and celebrated effects. Increase Testosterone When it comes to male health, libido and muscle building, there is nothing more important than healthy testosterone levels.

Using Tongkat ali for libido

hould you take tongkat ali? Some studies suggest that tongkat ali may reduce anxiety and improve body composition , but research is limited. It may also treat low testosterone, poor libido, and male infertility. While tongkat ali does not appear to have adverse effects in doses up to 400 mg per day, research is limited, and available studies focus on short-term use. It's unclear whether taking the supplements over longer periods is beneficial and safe.

Based on a long history of traditional use and confirmation of biological activity via cell culture and animal feeding studies, several human supplementation studies have been conducted to evaluate the potential benefits of tongkat ali for sexual function, exercise performance, weight loss, and vigor (mental/physical energy)

Tongkat ali for sports performance

Tongkat Ali is highly recommended for ageing men, as well as those who want to naturally improve athletic performance and accelerate muscle growth.

Eurycoma longifolia is used for erectile dysfunction (ED), male infertility , increasing sexual desire in healthy people, and boosting athletic performance, but there's no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses.

Does tongkat ali affect the liver?

Physta has not caused liver or renal damage during a six week course. Generally recommended dose of 200-405 g a day tongkat ali has been found safely.

Does tongkat ali have side effects?

In comparison to rodent toxicity studies, talin supplementation does not cause adverse health consequences for animals.

Is tongkat ali good for prostate?

Conclusion The most interesting findings of the present study are that Tongkat Ali inhibited the viability in LNCaP cells via caspase-based pathways, as well as increased apoptosis factors such as DNA fragmentation. In a separate study Tongkat Aliner also inhibits PSIA production.

Does tongkat ali have negative effects?

However in dosages of 400 mg per dose, the effects of tongcat ali have not been reported. It is unknown if consuming supplements over a longer duration is helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tell me the meaning of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkatali also known as Longjack is based off the roots of a Green - Species Tree Eurycoma longfolium native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Indonesia. This plant extract has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for fever, infertility or ED. Recent studies have also shown that Tongkat Ali can be much better at exercising performance, stress reduction, muscle development, and fat reduction. Tongkat Ali may have beneficial effects as it has strong flavonoid, alkaloids, antioxidants and.

What are side effects of Tongkat Ali?

The study has shown how Tongkat Ali may increase the testosterone levels and improve sexual health and may also improve the metabolism. Supplements containing such capabilities can usually cause side effects, though recent studies suggest this isn't so true. Researchers prescribed 200-400 mg every couple of weeks with no side effects to date. The effects of Togkat Ali supplements on pregnancy aren't studied but the evidence indicates a safe use for adults.

Competing interests

It is not known if the author's interests overlap or they have a conflict of interest. However, two (AG and MP) are employees of tongkat extract manufacturing companies. One is a worker from a nutrition company that makes tongkat ali a part of its production process The researchers conducted the research as employees of SupplementWatch which was supported by Biotropic Malaysia. It is funded by Biotropical Malaysia and is carried out by Supplement Watch.


Eurycoma Longafolia is a herb medicine plant that can be discovered from South East Asia (Mamalaysia, Vietnam Indonesia Java Sumatra Thailand). Often called tongkat ali, it has medicinal properties and can enhance health and improve physical and mental health [2]. The root of tongkat ali commonly referred ” Malaysian Ginseng”. It is used as an adaptogen and as an anti-aging remedy in older adults for their decreased mental vigor and mental energy.

Possible side effects

Although used in Traditional Folk Medicine for centuries it is unclear how often tongkatali is taken as a dietary supplement. However some people may require tongkatali supplements if they have low or no immunity or if they take medications that cause hypoglycemia or blood pressure. The supplement has been recommended by some experts to avoid pregnancy. Tongkat ali increases testosterone levels, which increases the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and vascular diseases, and may also be associated with adverse reactions.

Dosage and preparation

According to 2016 reviews published by Molecules, the normal dose of tongkat ali is 300-400 milligram daily. The use of these supplements requires careful attention, particularly for elderly people. This article suggests taking no higher than the recommended doses. Tongka Ali supplements can be purchased in tinctures tablets and in capsules for consumption in. It is also available powdered. Tongkatali can be used in coffee, tea and energy-dense beverages in many ways. Herbal drink is popular, however it should be restricted. In a new report aimed at rats in 2019, scientists found a positive effect of coffee consumption on rats in a human population.

For best results we suggest taking Tongkat Ali in cycles. Use either a 7 days on 4 days off cycle, or a 10 days on 5 days off cycle, whichever is more convenient.


Three patients felt unusually fatigued during the first week of treatment. The report didn't contain anything that caused adverse reactions or side effects. During the supplementation period, AST/ALT and bodyweight were not significantly changed. The mood state parameters showed mixed results, while in the TA group the effects were minimal.

How can I take Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali can be taken in capsules daily for eight to twelve weeks with a dose of 250-600 mg. It is a very strong dose therefore we don't want to exceed that. No post-cycle treatments are advisable since these extracts have no adverse effects on hormones. Tongkat Ali should have a meal before bed.

What can be taken with Tongkat Ali?

To complement its health benefits and help support its hormone-reducing and stress-reducing qualities we suggest stacking it with Ashwagandha, Fadogia Agrestis and Tribuli.

Where can I buy Tongkat Ali?

In Indonesia, the pharma company has 250 mg Indonesian longifolia in 200 - 1 capsule which has a high demand. The German pharmaceuticals Tongkat Ali are made with eurycomanone and are standardised to contain 10%. Deliver highly researched and supported dosages at highly competitive prices. German Pharma also offers three-pack Tongkat Alis if customers wish for an affordable price.

Health Benefits

Tongkatali is a widely used herb in traditional folk medicine due to its claims about the benefit for sexual wellbeing. This drug can also help with infertility in men, and ED is the cause of lower sexual activity in males and low sex. Medicinal herbs can increase the body's ability to maintain a healthy weight and maintain good posture.


Increasing testosterone levels and lowering cortisol are associated with improved mood state indices (lowering anger and confusion). These results agree with many recent studies on the use of supplements on human beings suggesting that tongkat ali is an effective method for shielding your health against chronic stress and other chronic stressors.


Many research studies including laboratory studies, animal feeding studies, and human supplements have demonstrated tongkatali's health benefits. Laboratory evidence suggests urycoma protein promotes eutrophication and improves overall hormone profiles. More than 100 rodent feeding experiments demonstrated improved sexual power, optimum hormonal profiles, and improved body function. Human supplementing trials have shown that tongkai ali root extract has measurable effects in patients and has also been found to reduce fatigue.


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