tips to increase lean muscle mass


Helpful tips that can help you increase body muscle mass.
  • Consume a hyper-caloric diet (one in which more kilocalories than required to sustain current body weight are ingested), about 10% to 15% beyond what is needed to maintain body weight.
  • Expand your daily caloric ingestion over five or six meals.
  • Participate in a resistance training programme.
  • Eat 40% to 50% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 20% to 30% fat. For supplementary calories, devour high protein, high fat foodstuffs.
  • Consume acceptable protein daily (anywhere between 1.5 to 2.0 g/kg per day).
  • Routinely ingest whey protein (ideal for building muscle mass), different amino acids (such as the branched-chain amino acids), casein protein (helps prevent muscle degradation), and carbohydrate, predominantly scheduled around your workouts (i.e., pre-, during-, and post- workout mealtimes).
  • Consider complementing your diet with creatine (shown to increase strength, muscle mass, and sprint performance; and no other supplement is supported by the same level of positive research).

Conclusively, in order to increase body mass, one must ingest a hyper-energetic diet. Yet, to accentuate lean muscle mass addition, the hyper-caloric diet should be pooled with resistance exercise and a protein intake sufficient to backup protein synthesis.


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