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Over the past years humans have progressively become more dependent on high-carbohydrate meals rich in oats, grains, potatoes and processed foods.

Most of our food sources are heavily processed with carbs.These highly processed foods lack health vital nutrients that our body needs to maintain healthy organs and muscles. Process foods like pasta, rice and potato dishes often have high sodium levels, sodium (salt) is known for its high addiction and is added in the food so that we crave more and more for them. When you combine high-carbohydrate and highly processed foods in our diets we are most likely to gain weight, increase depression and become more sedentary in our lifestyles. All these factors help with development of  cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and a variety of other illnesses.
The good news is that we can dramatically change our body health with fitness. Starting a physical fitness regime will help you develop better energy levels as well as decreasing appetite this guide will deliver you to a way of eating that is sustainable and most importantly enjoyable. No more diets, the healthy way for life is based on natural high-quality foods and exercise. I believe that the more you exercise you do, the more you can indulge with chocolate, snacks and wine. The quality of life is important, you can become fit and indulge within moderation.


Here are some tips to help you enjoy life and promote weightloss.

  • Exercise 2-3 times per week.
  • Eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables  and one or two servings of fruit per day
  • Choose organic foods , naturally raised/grown proteins like free range eggs are 100% better
  • Add nuts and seeds  into your meals for healthy fat and energy.
  • Adjust the amount of starchy vegetables, eat less carbs and process foods

Healthy Recipe Omelette


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