Running for fitness

Running is a great way for increasing fitness, as running is a total body activity you use more muscles, when using more muscles whilst exercising you burn more calories, this is why most people choose running to lose weight.

The health and fitness benefits with running are great, not only will you be fighting fat with every step you will also be training the body internally, amazing benefits such like lung training, increasing bone density, stress relief, weight loss, confidence, balance and coordination.

Running for the immune system

Running can increase your immune system, studies have shown that the more you workout you are less likely to be sick or suffer from illness. Because running increases your HDLs, the white cells  that attack disease and help lower your cholesterol.

Running  for lung improvement

The more you train the more breahte you gain,  when we workout we increase our body’s ability to utilise oxygen efficiently, this helps to transport of energy around our body, delivers glucose to your muscles faster and greater. Also oxygen can help fight diseases such like cancer, obesity, chronic disease, heart disease , diabetes, and hypertension.

Running for weightloss

Running is one of the greatest way to lose weight, running is the top way to increase cardio fitness and burns more calories per minute than any other cardio exercise.

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Running for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be more common problem for women in their late fifties early sixties. Lots of good oestrogen is lost through the menstrual cycle, oestrogen cells are most important to the formation of bone density. Running can improve your bone density in the long term, strengthening and conditioning your bones structure.

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