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Heart rate is monitored using a heart rate monitor. When exercising its hard to know what level of fitness your body is at or how far more  you can push yourself,  using a heart rate monitor you can see and monitor your fitness.

It’s a great way to maintain and control your workouts, you can push yourself to your limit without losing control.

Heart rate monitors is that its very precise with the levels,  between 60-70% of are maximum heart rate is the best fat burning zone.

The best way  to work out your heart rate is a simple formula;

220 – your age


A women aged 33 needed to know her MHR- maxium heart rate

220 – 33 = 187 MHR

It couldn’t be any easier, now if you need to find out 90% of her MHR

187 x 0.9 = 168.3 90% MHR

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A recent study shows that undergoing a interval fat burning cardio vascular exercise can gain more benefits to weight lose and muscular gain. Rather than keeping in the fat burning zone when your exercising at  60%-70% MHR, try interval training it’s  a prefect lard busting exercise and see see better results. Also it keeps you interested in your workout as doing the same rueteen over and over can be boring.

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