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Increasing your cardio fitness can help your blood circulation through out the body, blood vessels are your fat metabolism, the faster they work, the quicker rate you burn and transform fat.

The blood in your body works to remove and transform fat, when fat enters the body, it circulates in the blood stream. High and low fat foods determine the length of time  fat stays in the blood stream, higher the fat ‘longer it flows’, lower the fat ‘easier to digest’.

Studies show that people on high-fat diets who choose to do cardio fitness burn more calories than people who are on low fat diets without exercise. This is because the low fat diets don’t burn fat, were as people whom choose to exercise increase their metabolism and burn fat better.

Our body can tolerate moderate amounts of fat, problems occur on high fat diets, such like the Atkins diet. Too much fat can lead to major problems with C.H.D.

Any cardio exercise will help your metabolism work faster, increasing the blood cells to work more efficiently.

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