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Training with heart rate monitor is essential when exercise, this device can keep an accurate reading of our heart rate, weather on the increase or decrease you need to know how fast your heart is working.

The best level for fat burning is between 60-70% of are maximum heart rate, this known as the best fat burning zone.

Training at 60%-70% often puts you in a world of easy fitness and most people tend to stop and relax a few minutes before reaching their goal.

The truth, as a fitness professional it's essential to burn more calories in your exercise program, to do this you will need more motivation and energy.

A recent study has shown that undergoing a interval training with fat burning cardiovascular exercise can help you gain in muscular development and weight lose.

Rather than keeping in the fat burning zone, exercising at  60%-70% MHR, try interval training as a prefect lard busting program and see better results.

Also it helps you keep interest in your workout,  doing the same program over and over again can be tedious and boring.

Main = Interval is the key for the main session, most important type of training that has been proven to increase cardio fitness immensely. Human bodies internal organs and muscles react faster to interval training. Easy to follow plans anyone can achieve, all you need is a watch and a boost of energy to complete your session.

You do need a basic to moderate fitness level to complete  interval training, as it will increase pressure on your cardio output.

Interval training  example,

Rowing machine;
Row for 2 minutes on level 7, 90% max heart rate
Then row for 3 minutes on level 10, 35% max heart rate
Repeat this method six times.

Total= 30 minutes

This plan can be used in most cardio exercise cycling, rowing , running or swimming.

If your a beginner to fitness consult a doctor before hand.


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