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Resistance bands are voted one of the best exercise equipment and toning tools around. These bands are used  in healthcare by physiotherapists often they use them for rehab, strengthening and muscle injury.

Resistance band fitness is becoming big in the weight lose world, now used in yoga, pilate’s classes, our little flexible friends help use achieve the body’s we all dream of obtaining.

Resistance bands are lightweight and highly effective, workout with these bands can increase your resistance up to four times.

The bands come in different colours, each colour cord holds a different level of resistance, the thicker the band the harder the workout .

Package Includes

Resistance bands

  • 1 GREEN BAND – X Light 5lbs
  • 1 BLUE BAND – Light 10lbs
  • 1 PURPLE BAND- Medium 15lbs
  • 1 RED BAND – Heavy 20lbs
  • 1 YELLOW BAND – XL 25lbs
  • 2 Ankle straps
  • 1 Blue back bag
  • 2 Foam handles
  • Instructional guide with over 50 exercises.
  • FHx TOTAL BODYworkout plan. cd rom

Resistance training programs

Resistance Bands are portable, can be taken anywhere!

The FHx  Plan CD rom

This plan is set over 30 days, using a mixture of different training techniques.

We combined three exercise courses to deliver best results.

1.  Resistance training –
Muscle build & maintain
Instructional manual &  Resistance Band

2.Cardiovascular exercise – Fat burning & weight loss
Weight loss plan




3. Pilates – Body tone and shape.
Pilates plan & Band

Resistance Bands offer a wide range of flexibility and strengthening exercises.

When used as a part of a structured program, resistance bands will produce results after just one workout session.

Different levels of training are available depending on individual goals.

Resistance Bands are compact and portable, they can be taken anywhere!
1 year warranty against defects or breakage.

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