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Never fear change; If a regular trainer or a beginner always look for changes, in your plan, in your diet & in your relationship!

Whenever we start a new challenge, we always prepare for that challenge and not for any ongoing improvement. The truth is that we must change are patterns continuously, otherwise we will cease to improve, and when we cease to improve can lead depression.

This is why change  is needed in life to keep you on your toes, keep you keen and keep you involved.

Your body takes 4-8 weeks to adapt to a new training program, and after that your gains begin to cease if no changes are made.

Similar to your digestive system, if you eat something good for your body, for example brown rice, and you choose to eat brown rice every day, your body becomes used to the breakdown, it breaks the molecules faster every day.The nutrients and minerals in that produce are normally absorbed, but now are lost due to the process becoming speed-ed up.

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