Resistance band door exercise upper back





For this exercise you need a door anchor and a resistance band.

This exercise is Ideal for the upper back workout.

1.lay on the floor head facing towards the door, keep knees bent, and feet firmly planted flat on the floor.

2. Take a resistance band and place a handle in each hand, palms facing toward your knees, elbows pointed towards the front of your body.

3. Arms should be facing up towards the ceiling in an extended reach position, good grip on the handles keeping in line with your mid-chest area.

4. Pull the handles towards the chest , leaving nice and soft elbows with a slight bend.

6. Then slowly extend handles back to starting position and repeat.

Careful when exercising with these bands, when fully extended they can be dangerous, always keep a good grip and never let go of the bands quickly. Always make sure the door is fully closed , and when exercising ask people to knock if they need to enter the room.

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