How to Use a Door Anchor for Home Training

What is a door anchor?

The Door Anchor allows for resistance points moving from door to door allowing for full body exercises to be performed. Place in a high position for downward movement, lower for upward movement, and center the press and row.

First and foremost, this type of training requires using a sturdy door. After all, the last thing you need is to have the door break mid-exercise, stopping you from exercising all together. This means that the hinges need to be attached correctly and screwed in tight. Also, you want to make sure it closes securely so that you don’t risk having it open when it shouldn’t.

The great thing about using a door anchor for home training is that they are readily available and easy to use. Even if you’re travelling, you almost always have access to a door on your room, which means that you have what you need to get a complete workout. The key is to use it properly so that you don’t injure yourself.




Use a High Quality Door Anchor

Once you have a strong door and frame, you also need a high quality door anchor. What qualities does this type of door anchor have? Number one, it needs to have strong webbing so that it lasts workout after workout. If it is frayed or torn, then you want to replace it soon so that it doesn’t give way when you are in the middle of your exercise session.

Imagine having the band give way when you have it stretched to the max. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight, that is for sure. So, you also want your door anchor to have a hard wooden core so that it stays put during the course of your routine.

Finally, you want it to work with any door frame, allowing you to take it with you when you aren’t at home because you’re sure it is going to work. This makes it easier to stay in shape when you travel for weeks at a time, or even if you’re just going to be gone for the night.

What type of door anchor do you use? What do you think of it?



Where do you put a door anchor?

Always best to place your door anchor a hinge point of the door, this will mean that you will be able increase the weight bearing on the anchor.

door anchor position


How much weight can a door anchor hold?

This varies on the type door anchor you are using and also the door frame you are training from. From a well made door with one the foam anchor you can train with up to around 100kg Anything more and I would suggest you use a bean bag anchor. As these are bigger and stronger than foam anchors. As I stated before its hard to give an exact amount. 

Do resistance band workouts really work?

Do Resistance Band Muscles Strengthen? Yes. The research shows resistance band training provides the same strength gains for a traditional workout. “The resistance band might look less than great and can help you build your muscles in a way much like traditional weight lifting.

How many times a week should you do resistance band training?

When beginning resistance bands workouts you'll need at least two strength-based training sessions, based on 30 minutes each day.

Resistance Bands You Need For This Workout

Resistance bands operate similar, but they aren't always alike. The loop band can have many dimensions and strength, the straight band has 2 ends. Usually these have handles for ease of use. The colour of bands is often a sign of their strength: black blue offers greater resistance than red and green, and is tougher than yellow. However, it doesn't always go as expected and make sure to buy something that fits your needs. In this workout there are 2 types of band.


Our Resistance Band Workout Is A Full-Body Blast

Whatever your fitness level, resistance band workouts offer - and they are effective in boosting your strength and flexibility levels. Best Resistance Band is affordable and easy in storage and makes it worth buying if needed. They are a good alternative to a gym workout. The bands can easily fit into bags to be worn while walking or taking them for a leisure session at an area park. The resistance band workout offers several workout options that are possible at home.

One-arm biceps curl

Set 1 Reflex 12-15 sides apart. Stand at feet shoulder-wide. Grab the bands with one finger and hold them with your left hand facing forward. Bending your elbow up towards your shoulders will increase the bicep contractions in your elbow. Slowing back to starting. Do every rep at the same time and then change.

Lateral walk

Set one rep a step 8-10 a turn loop a resistance band above your knee a third over your ankle. Drop into a squat and hold your hands shoulder-wide for a bit of pressure on the band. Take an extra step and keep tension around your band as you move forward. Do it the whole way and then move to a different place.

Side-lying hip abduction

Set 1 rep 10-12 each side - lying side by side with the knees bent 180° with a resistance band looping around your knee. Raise your legs up to release your knees and contract your glutes for two to three second then slowly return. Perform all the reps on the other side and then go back.


Set 1 rep. 12-15. Put resistance bands on the back of your back in the palms with arms facing up straight up. Press the strap directly on your face and bring hands together and extend your arms with the shoulders up all around. Press the chest muscles to release it. Immediately return.

Glute bridge

Set 1 Rep 10-10 loop the resistance bands below your knees and lie on your back. Lift your toe out of the sand and then raise your hips so your knee joints reach your shoulders. As you raise your hip, open your feet slightly against resistance bands.


Set : 5 reps 15-15 Get on an armrest and hold the band over your back and hold the end under the hand. Drop your chest to the floor then contract your glute and abdominal muscles and push straight into your hands and legs to extend your hands.


Set 1 Reps 8-10 Standing with your legs bent and shoulders wide open. Grip a shoulder length portion from the resistance band with both fingers facing the shoulder. Keep the hands pointing forward. Take it up. Slow down and start again.

Bicep curls

Place your feet in a resistance band and hold your hand at both ends. Put your hands up to your hip height and then go into your first position again, repeating this 10 times for another 10 seconds.

Chest Press

Sit on your back and pull the resistance strap around your shoulders. Stretch the upper and lower arm to your shoulders.


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