5 Minute Workout Resistance Band Upper Body - Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back Exercises

This is a basic strength training with FH resistance bands at http://fitnesshealth.co, this video is about training upper body muscles with Resistance Bands. Resistance Band are multifunctional. Most strength training machines can only work one or two muscle groups and the same can be said for hand weights. However, resistance bands can be used in hundreds of different ways making them great whether you want an upper, lower or full body workout. We recommend that before training you should first warm up your body muscles and complete some basic stretches. Also make sure that the bands you're using are in good condition and you're training from a safe anchored point that can take the resistance of your bodyweight. This workout is aimed at increase strength of upper body muscles Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back Exercises. Too increase resistance you should add more bands to the handles, more information about product can be found here

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