How to Get the Winner’s Edge

Do you ever wonder how it is that Olympic medalists and elite athletes are able to rise to the almost impossible levels they achieve? What gives them the winner’s edge and – perhaps more importantly – how can you get it yourself?

It’s All in Their Head

While they undoubtedly train for hours on end, the secret to their success is largely that it is all in their head. In other words, they visualise themselves excelling in their sport, thereby making it happen in reality.

It may sound too easy to be true, but visualisation is a technique that is used by many people who strive for success. For instance, individuals involved in high risk jobs (like police officers, fire fighters, and emergency response teams) have used this method for ages, essentially training themselves how to respond without ever having to go through the scenario in real life.

The Way it Works

To gain the winner’s edge by practicing your own visualisations, simply find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Take a couple long, deep breaths and relax your body entirely, clearing all of the thoughts from your mind.

Once you feel completely at ease, create a scenario in your mind that you want to master. For example, if your goal is to be the best golf player around, you may put yourself on a course, ready to take your first swing.

Be as detailed with your imagery as possible. Imagine the sun beating down on you and the smell of the fresh cut grass. The more realistic you make it, the greater the results.

Now, picture yourself having the perfect stance and making a textbook swing. Visualise the golf ball flying into the air and landing on the green, maybe even making a hole in one. Go through this visualisation in slow motion a few times, fully training your brain to realise success.

The more often you do this simple little exercise, the better you will become in whatever area you visualise, thereby giving you the winner’s edge.

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