About Running

About running
Running is a great way to get about and lose weight, here are some ways in which you can increase your running technique and burn extra calories. When out running always try to find surface increase, uphill running has so many benefits to the body;
  • increase bone density,
  • increase in energy levels
  • increase in calorie burn
  • increase in fast twitch muscle fibres.
  • Fat burning
Hill running helps build leg muscles fast, the more muscle you have the more you calories you burn. Altitude training has show more benefits with calorie intake reduction, in a recent study from Munich university calorie intake was reduced by 730 calories when men adopted a hill training program. Running has some great benefits, by increase your lunge capacity and you ability to utilize oxygen to the maximum potential. Increasing Balance, speed and agility are great benefits and great ways to keep a completely healthy lifestyle & body.
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