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Smoothie recipe strawberry, peach and melon


Healthy smoothie recipes







Smoothies after workouts are a must!

Smoothies can help your muscles replenish faster. Helping you keep all the gains from your hard session.

The preparation time is minimal.

The ingredients are easy to find and inexpensive, the recipe given for 1-2 servings  .

  • 1/2 Rock melon - peeled and diced
  • 2  Large frozen or fresh strawberries
  • 1 Peach cored and chopped
  • 50 ml milk (normal or soya)
  • 200ml natural yogurt


  1. First rinse all fruit,  then slice into large pieces.
  2. Place all ingredients into large jug and into blend until smooth.
  3. Place into glass and serve.

Smoothie healthy recipe melon and strawberry







Best to drink the smoothie within 10 minutes !

If you leave the smoothie longer the mixture of vitamins and minerals  will normally absorb each other, leaving you with less healthy goodness.

I like to use frozen fruit for a super cool refreshing smoothie.

Super chilled healthy smoothie recipe




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