Speed or agility training refers to exercising all the core muscles in your body. Agility training drills are designed to work your leg muscles and all the major tendons in the human body. Without agility training, as a sportsman, you become more prone to injuries as a result of weak muscles.

However, with agility training drills, performance is enhanced while at the same time reducing the chances of an injury occurring. Some benefits of agility training include:

  • Prevents injuries.
  • Enhanced cognitive functioning.
  • Improved recovery time.
  • Beneficial for a number of sports.


To maximize the full benefits of agility training, let’s look at some of the exercises that fall under this category.




  1. Lateral Jumps using Agility Ladder

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, stand to the left side of the first square of the ladder and position yourself into a squat. Jump into the first square diagonally and then out of the square and back onto the ground. Next, repeat the same step from the right side of the ladder. Move like this until you reach the end of the ladder. Then run back and start again.


  1. 2 Jumps Forward and Backward Jump

Stand at the start of the ladder with your feet shoulder-width apart. Position your body for jumping and jump two squares forward. Then, immediately jump one square back. Continue this until you reach the end. Then, run back to the start and repeat.


  1. Cone / L-Drill

This particular exercise is one of the most popular with agility training. With this technique, you are required to change to different directions in a small space. This agility training is a very good measure for speed and agility.


  1. Plyometric Agility Hurdles

This technique requires you to set up small hurdles with a distance of two-foot increments. Next, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat into a diving position by bending your body a little. Then, take the jump over the hurdle, thus, landing on your heels. Then, jump again and complete the hurdles. Relax for a minute or two. Then start again. You can go for 10 to 12 repetitions depending upon your stamina.


  1. Forward Running High-Knee Drill

Stand at the foot of the ladder. Position your self and then run with high-knees through the ladder. Make sure that you touch each space of the ladder while you run through it. Finish by landing on your heels and diving forward with your arms in front. You can do this agility training drill for three sets or more depending on your stamina.


  1. Agility Ball Exercise

With this exercise, ensure that you have space and no one is near you who can come in the way. Bounce the agility ball against the wall or you may toss it to a partner. As agility balls have “bounce” and can rebound in any direction, they do good for hand and eye coordination. Practice catching the agility balls with both hands first, then your dominant hand and lastly your non-dominant hand.




Agility training is a great way to make your muscles work. Even people who are not into sports can do agility training exercises on a small-scale. Given the benefits of agility training, it will only keep you healthy, fit and moving about.

This is just a small list of agility training exercises which we recommend. The list is endless! You can choose from these exercises or many others available online. It all depends upon your need. Grab a partner or go solo, but with agility training, you will feel healthier and more active as an individual.


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