Lower Body Leg Exercise Workout Training using FH Resistance Band Thigh Straps


Fitness Health presents lower body leg thigh workout using FH resistance bands. In this high energy workout, you will learn a few basic exercises with the kinetic leg bands. The workout below is set in to 3 exercises per section. If you're a beginner we recommend that you complete each section taking a 1 minute break in between transitions. For advance fitness levels we recommend you can complete all 9 exercises then take a 30 second break in between sets.

This workout is spilt into 3 sections. 

Reps 10 

Sets 4

Basic Exercises

  • Knee raises 
  • Alternate knee raises 
  • Burpee's 

Using the wall 

  • Knee raises 
  • Lateral hops 
  • Jumping Squats 

Lateral exercises 

  • Side walks
  • Multi directional lunges 
  • In and out squats 


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