4 of the best speed ladder agility drills

Speed ladder drills



Start with both feet outside the ladder facing sidewards. Jumping sidewards  into the space between the rungs at the same time before jumping them both outside the ladder again, continuing this pattern as you progress through the speed ladder.

Face forward 

Facing  straight on, run through the ladder at pace taking two steps forward diagonally through the rungs, remember drive the arms with the leg movement repeat this pattern until you reach the end.

Lateral Runs 

Turn to your right so that your body position is face sideways to the ladder. Run along the ladder, making sure you lead with your left foot,  placing your  foot in between each rung before advancing forward, then do the same thing on the right side of the ladder.

Face Forward 

Start with both feet outside the ladder, Start the run from moving right bring the knees up high whilst moving arms. Move three spaces to the right then step forward. Repeat this movement this time moving towards the left side once again once third step is reached step forward. Repeat this movement until you reach the end of the speed ladder. 


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