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B-Hydroxy-Beta-methylbuteric acid, or HMB, is a metabolite (any element created by; or taking part in, a metabolic reaction) of the essential amino acid leucine. It has been demonstrated to be a factor in the regulation of protein breakdown in the body. HMB helps impede proteolysis, which is the expected process of breaking down muscle that occurs particularly after high-intensity actions. It is characteristically obtainable as a powder that is mixed with water, as well as in capsule form. It seems that HMB supplementation has a shielding effect on muscle and may service the body in getting a head start on the recovery procedure by reducing the amount of protein degradation after intense exercise. The hypothetical basis behind HMB supplementation is that it could slow the breakdown of protein in the body, therefore accumulating muscle mass and strength.

Quite a few of the early scientific investigations on HMB were conducted in animal simulations, with outcomes such as:

Improved development rates in pigs.

Amplified muscle mass and diminished body fat in oxen.

Enhancement in more than a few markers of immune function in chickens.

On the foundation of these conclusions, subsequent researchers on HMB supplementation during training in humans set out to define the effects on deterring protein degradation and increasing muscular strength and muscle mass. HMB supplementation may subdue protein breakdown and markers of muscle damage, but does this anti-catabolic (defining a substance that decreases muscle breakdown and averts catabolism) effect lead to gains in lean body mass? The scientific writings on this topic is ambiguous. Taking this into account, Hoffman and colleagues detailed that if HMB supplementation has any ergogenic benefit in diminishing muscle damage, it is likely to be most effective in untrained individuals (as practically all studies conducted were on untrained individuals) who have the utmost potential for muscle damage during exercise. Conclusively, it appears that HMB may be advantageous (relative to increasing lean body mass) for an individual commencing a strength training programme, but not for competitors who are at present resistance-trained.

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