How to Effectively Strength Train 3 Times a Week

How to Effectively Strength Train 3 Times a Week - Fitness Health

Strength training provides a number of physical benefits ranging from increased muscle mass and strength to reduced muscle loss as you age. And while cardiovascular exercise is recommended on a daily basis, the reality is that you can strength train effectively by engaging in this type of exercise just three times a week.

A Good Strength Training Schedule

To get the most benefit possible, you want your strength training days to be spaced out as much as possible. This will also lower your risk of injury as your muscles will receive the 24-48 hours that they need to heal in between sessions.

One option to consider is to do your strength training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and take the weekend off. Or, if your Mondays are already pretty busy, you could build your muscles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Of course, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday is an option as well.

Pushing Your Muscles Effectively (and Safely)

Because you’re taking one day off in between strength training sessions, you want to really push your muscles on the days that you are working out. In other words, by lifting heavier weights, you’re able to create the micro-tears that are necessary when it comes to building your muscle mass and strength.

To do this safely, you want to use slow and controlled movements. Also, you should be able to perform your strength training exercises no more than 10-12 reps before feeling as if you would have to compromise your form to continue.

Speaking of form, be sure that you’re using proper form while strength training so that you don’t risk hurting yourself. If you’re not sure what proper form is, it may be beneficial to hire a personal trainer for at least one session to teach you how to do the exercises correctly.

What other strength training tips do you have to offer?

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