10 Best Things about Running Uphill

10 Best Things about Running Uphill


Tiredness, thirst and excessive sweat are what might hold someone back from mounting an incline. However, you can't deny the many benefits that running uphill can offer your body.

Along with being extremely healthy, it can also provide a lot of fun to individuals. So, from just being a source of leisure to helping your body stay in good shape, a lot of positive things accompany running up a hill.

Ask yourself, what's better than something that's sheer fun as well as more than capable of strengthening your body, right?

10 Best Things about Running Uphill

  1. Running uphill builds muscles in the ankles, calves and upper and lower thighs. Along with that, you can definitely build your stamina. This is because of your breathing rate increases by increasing the lung capacity, allowing for more stamina.


  1. In addition to feeling great due to having strong leg muscles, the arms have to function vigorously too when running uphill, meaning you get to experience improved rhythmic hind and forelimb movement.


  1. Running uphill also provides more resistance to your body when compared to running on a flat surface or even a treadmill at the gym. The increased resistance forces you to exert more energy and thus help your body strengthen at a quicker pace.


  1. You'll also get to experience better posture. Running uphill strengthens your bones, especially the ones in your legs and backs. This leads to a better posture.


  1. A belly that sticks out might not be something you like and at times can also be one of the biggest reasons that shatter self-confidence. When you run uphill, you tend to work against gravity. Therefore, more energy has to be spent to move your body. Requiring more energy means that more calories are burned. That is why in about a week or two you'll begin to see a very positive change when it comes to losing unwanted weight.


  1. Mother Nature is an amazing remedy for a lot of ailments. Inhaling nature's positivity that is around you and exhaling all worldly burdens will help to decrease your stress levels as you run uphill.


  1. While running uphill, the risk of an injury occurring is greatly reduced compared to regular exercise. Working against gravity reduces the impact on your knees and minimizes leg shock, resulting in you being less prone to injury.


  1. ‘What goes up, must come down.’ Running uphill and reaching your destination isn't where you need to stop working your body. Once done with running all the way up, comes the part where you have to now run all the way down; freely, swinging your hands and with the wind striking your face gently. Doing so allows you to start relaxing your body and help it recover.


  1. Furthermore, running uphill increases one's speed too. You might not be the best when it comes to running on a flat surface. However, running uphill will strengthen your legs and increase your stamina to such a degree that running on a flat surface will now feel a lot easier than before.


  1. Running uphill also leads to continuous anaerobic respiration in the muscles which allows the legs to store more energy and work for longer without causing fatigue. This means that taking the stairs while at work won’t feel like a chore anymore.

Endurance, resistance, and forbearance, all of which can be increased are added to the list of best things that come from running uphill.

You should try running uphill as soon as possible and add it to your workout regime. You can also take a few friends along with you if you prefer some company and friendly competition.









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