Top Four ‘Zone Diet’ Foods


Having given an overview of the ‘Zone Diet’ in a previous article, it would be of paramount importance to give some specific foods that yield the best benefits during its use. Luckily, its creator, Dr. Barry Sears has a line of several foods that are useful for the ‘Zone Diet’.

Best ‘Zone Diet’ Food #1: Dr. Sears Mac & Cheese

Allegedly, the way in which this Macaroni and Cheese is baked promotes the bonding of protein to carbohydrate in the pasta, which ultimately extends the length of time the protein remains in the digestive tract. The idea is that the remaining protein would be able to reach the lower area of the gut, thereby releasing hormones that would tell the brain to tell you to stop eating. Supposedly, this effect would last for five yours, relieving you of the hunger response for the duration of this period. This would allow you to cut back on calories without the ensuing hunger response.

Best ‘Zone Diet’ Food #2: Dr. Sears Chocolate Chip Cookies

These particular cookies are designed with a balance of carbohydrate, fat, and protein which serves to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, thereby keeping the brain supplied with adequate energy for five hours, much like the macaroni and cheese. Interestingly, they have more protein than an egg white omelet consisting of four eggs. That is quite a lot of protein!

Best ‘Zone Diet’ Food #3: Dr. Sears Marinara & Meatballs

If you are looking for something a little more ‘meaty’, than these marinara and meatballs should serve that purpose. This meal offers an astounding 22 grams of protein, with a remarkably-low amount of carbohydrate, totalling 33 grams. Much like the macaroni and cheese, the bonding of protein to carbohydrate extends the duration that the protein sits in the gut, serving the same purpose of releasing the hormones that remove the hunger response.

Best ‘Zone Diet’ Food #4: Dr. Sears Fusilli Alfredo

This quick and easy meal microwaves in 90 seconds and contains a remarkable 20 grams of protein with a corresponding 32 grams of carbohydrate, thereby following the 1-2-3 schematic of the ‘Zone Diet’ quite well. Similarly, it also works to keep protein in the digestive tract longer, resulting in the afore mentioned effect above.


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