Top 10 TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

Top 10 TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises - Fitness Health


Suspension training is a great way to tone your entire body. With exercises that are designed to work your upper body, lower body, and core, no muscle will be left alone as you make your way through the various routines you can do on this piece of equipment. But, if you want to best use your suspension trainer to take your fitness to higher levels, here are the top 10 exercises to consider:

  1. Push-Up – Suspend your feet while doing a standard push up and this exercise tones almost every muscle in your body, making it one of the best you can do on your suspension trainer.
  2. Plank – Keep your feet in the suspension straps and do a plank and get ready to feel all of your muscles ache with joy.
  3. Pike – Instead of pushing your body up or holding it steady, raise your hips in the air into a pike and you’ll feel it for sure.
  4. Knee Tucks – Using the same position, pull your knees up close to your body and this favorite exercise works your shoulders, hips, and core, making it a great addition to your suspension routine.
  5. Lunge – While standing, place one foot in the suspension strap and do a lunge with the other. This builds your thighs and hamstrings in ways you won’t believe.
  6. Squat – Grasp the suspension straps and lower your body down into a squat and you’ll feel the burn in your thighs and upper back.
  7. Hip Press – This top suspension trainer exercise involves lying on your back and pushing your hips into the air until your body is straight, working your core and backside at the same time.
  8. Rows – Holding the straps and lowering your body in a prone position before pulling yourself up is a great way to build your upper body strength.
  9. Hangs – The simple act of hanging on the suspension trainer with your hands at hip level and your legs extended in front of you works your upper body and core, making you more fit in the process.
  10. Triceps Press – Build the muscles in the back of your upper arms by lying at a forward angle and pushing your arms out in front of you.


Here are the top 10 suspension training exercises to work all of the muscles in your body. Which ones do you like most? Share below!


Top 10 TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises

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