best bodyweight home workout that crushes calories


You don't have much of a big hole to make in your butt. As it happens, the weight of your own body is the ideal level of resistance for a fat-burning exercise that is sufficiently manageable to raise your heart rate and remove calories, demanding enough later to tax your muscles and keep your metabolism going hours later.


Here are some exercises that you can do at your home to crush some calories and increase your metabolism. 


1) Bodyweight Squat


Start with a classic bodyweight. Stand apart with shoulder-width of your feet. Begin the movement by bending your knees and hips and sitting back and then relaxing.


Sink as far as you can safely, and move the motion back to the starting position quickly. Keep your head and shoulders up, while you squat. The knees should be running straight over the feet. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions. 


2) Jump Lunges


Start together with your feet and lunge forward with one leg until your rear knee touches the ground. So far, that is quite usual. But now you are airborne...


Push your front leg hard to jump up into the air, move your legs to put your back foot in front of you and push your front foot back. Alternate sides of each rep. Go directly to the next pass. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 


3) Pushups 


Start with a comfortable and straight back, feet together, flat back and hands directly below your shoulders. Keep your eyes all around on the floor in front of you to avoid straining your neck.


Little by little lower yourself down to the ground. For extra stability and stronghold extend the glutes. And push up explosively until your chest touches the floor. The goal is to ease and accelerate. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. 


4) mountain climbers 


Set up on the floor like in a press-up top. Now lean slightly and rapidly over your wrists to put your right knee to your right elbow.


Alternate to take the left knee to your left elbow. All your reps now piston forward. Try breathing. It does improve. Rest and then resume the circuit with the 1A\ Bodyweight Squats. Do 3 circuits or 3 sets of 60 seconds with high speed.


5) Burpees


And finish off a mental strength check. Kick back your feet to a press-up position. When your body hits the deck, press your feet and jump towards your legs. Hang on and run. That is one delegate...


Take as many deep breaths in and out for rest as you do reps for each step of this ladder. So 1 rep, then 1 breath-out. 2 Reps and rest for 2 breaths. Four Reps and four Breaths. 4 & 4. And so forth. This should just give you enough time between rungs to recover. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.


6) L-Situps 


A basic transition from gymnastics, L-sits can be performed on handles or from the ground. The handles encourage this as there is more room for movement. Lift yourself from the ground, sit on the floor, or handles. Straight legs out. Keep in for 30 seconds sets. Your triceps, elbows, abs and hip flexors are going to be on fire all along.




Don't forget to stay warm. You can do some push-ups, ride on a stationary bike, sprint up and down the stairs, etc. The warm-up becomes even more important because we are doing advanced movements here. 


Improved agility, stamina, self-awareness and self-esteem team up with the truly great sense of superiority that you feel once you've been able to do workouts and combinations with your own body that you haven't been able to do previously. 


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