Best fitness equipment to buy on a tight budget

Best fitness equipment to buy on a tight budget - Fitness Health


Who doesn’t wish to have an amazing body, with muscles in the right places and an amazing backside?

But going to the gym or even hiring a personal trainer can cause quite a big dent in your budget. However, this does not mean that you can’t workout!

The best way to exercise when you are on a low budget is by buying some fitness equipment that you can keep at home. You can make your own gym with some very affordable yet effective equipment and can work out for a healthier lifestyle. You then won't need to go to the gym nor will you have to splurge a lot of money on hiring a trainer.

Some equipment to get your hands on when on a budget:

What you need are cones!

The first equipment that you should get is cones. These plastic cones are great workout equipment! You can place these cones in different positions around your backyard. Running from one cone to the other in a set pattern will help increase your speed, power, endurance and your agility.

You can place these cones in whatever way you please, as the different pattern will help by allowing your body to get adapted to the fast-speed that is a requirement for most sports.  

Get yourself a speed ladder!

Other effective yet affordable equipment to buy is the speed ladder. Speed ladder drills will help in improving your footwork and will allow you to develop more control over your body. The number of endless steps sequence that you can work on will allow you to develop speed.

Your high knee movement will allow you to build strength which will make running at a fast speed easier for you. Most sports do require good footwork and with the speed ladder not only will you be able to achieve that but also you’ll see a great improvement in your overall fitness.

Using the stairs when going to work won’t feel like a chore anymore. So with a speed ladder not only will you develop more control over your body, but also your feet will move faster, and you will be able to improve your agility and stamina.

Workout using suspension trainer sets and resistance bands.

Suspension trainer sets are great for working out and for developing strength. Improving your balance helps in making your body more flexible and stable. With these trainer sets, you can increase your muscular endurance and can build rock-solid core stability as well.

You can set up these trainer sets whoever you wish and can achieve a full body workout easily. This equipment is used by many professional athletes. It also happens to one of the most affordable yet effective ways to improve your fitness routine without having to spend a lot.

Furthermore, resistance bands are great for strengthening your legs which basically helps in improving one's speed and stamina. In order to give a real boost to your workout, you should include resistance in your workout sessions.

Doing regular staple jumps does help in achieving a fitter body. But by incorporating these bands, you will improve your training a lot. You could even do sprints as well.

Band sprints are the best way of increasing your speed and strength in your legs. Simply have the band tied and secured and run against its resistance. Doing so will help provide you with better lower body definition.

Get hold of exercise balls!

These balls are a great equipment to be having during your workouts at home. You can do push-ups with these exercise balls, or you can even use them for doing squats, supine bridges or even bird-dogs as well.

Exercise balls help by challenging the entire body and help give it more strength by using numerous muscle groups.

So, even if you’re on a tight budget, get such affordable fitness equipment for a healthy you.



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