Are you facing trouble focusing and concentrating? The reason behind this is that our brain is constantly working even while we are sleeping. There are many factors that affect the brain performance. it has been researched that the people who have the ability to sustain attention for a longer period perform better in all sorts of cognitive challenges than those who cannot do this. Strengthening the power of focusing and concentration is a necessity for those who have the goals of learning more and achieving high goals in life. To keep our brain healthy and enhance our focus, concentration, learning ability and brain performance, there are some recommended brain exercises that we need to follow. These are discussed as following;

  1. Strengthening mind muscles: strengthening body muscles and mind muscles are quite close to each other. Our physical energy and mental energy both have a certain limit and stamina at a given time. And strengthening both through common means of eating the right food, physical exercising, getting good sleep and managing stress.
  2. Gradually increasing focus: if you think that you have a distracted mind, you need to train your brain to gradually increase the focus. This can be done by trying the Pomodoro method in which for example you work for 45 minutes and then take a break of 15 minutes. Just like that, set a timer for 10 minutes and focus completely on that task, do not look here and there. And then after 10 minutes are over take a break of 2 to 3 minutes. Every time increase your focusing time gradually and shortening your break time.
  3. Try meditation: meditation not only keeps you calm and releases your stress but studies have shown that meditation helps in boosting attention and focus. Start with just a few minutes at home in the morning and just breathe. Keep on increasing your time gradually, and you will see significant improvement in your attention.
  4. Memorize: try to memorize stuff that you would like to memorize. Memorizing is an amazing exercise of strengthening your mind muscles.
  5. Play brain training games: play brain training games that are popular amongst the individuals. These games help in improving focus, attention, and concentration along with exercising your mind to carry on tasks at a particular given time.
  6. Read long data slowly: this is our general habit that when we come across along data, we start skimming the information. We keep o scrolling and do not pay attention to the other paragraphs after reading the first or two paragraphs. Train your brain to read long paragraphs by reading through slowly and absorbing and understanding each and every information mentioned in the paragraphs.
  7. Increase your curiosity: the more you are curious to know what is going in the world, the more your brain will concentrate towards gathering the information.
  8. Increase your willpower: increasing willpower is very necessary as your inner willpower will automatically try to ignore distractions around you and keep you focused and attentive towards your subject.
  9. Practice mindfulness by yourself: find opportunities around you to practice mindfulness around yourself. Mindfulness means completing focusing on what you are doing, what you are eating, slowing down the process and observe each and everything in that process. For example, you can practice mindfulness by chewing food and concentrating on its flavors and taste. Furthermore, try to identify what are the ingredients used in the dish. Doing such activity will strengthen and expand your attention and focus along with your brain will become super active in identifying and observing objects.
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