About Meditation


Are you looking for a way to calm your body, sharpen your mind and experience a greater level
of happiness and purpose? Do you long for an activity you can do that will achieve all three of
these things? Look no more, because meditation is the answer you’ve been seeking.

What it is

Meditation is when you sit silently and focus solely on your breathing. It’s a way to stop all the
clutter and chaos that clouds your ability to think and process information. It allows you to slow
down and let go of any struggles you are facing, resulting in a calmer frame of mind that is better
suited for problem solving and dealing with life’s ups and downs.

How it works

Normally, when you are awake and active you have beta brainwaves. This is when you are
extremely aware of the world around you. This is also when stress, anxiety and other not-so-
good feelings are most present. So, when you perform meditation, you are actually changing
your brainwave patterns.

A light meditation will allow you to experience alpha brainwaves where your memory is
improved as well as your ability to learn new information. The next level of meditation produces
theta brainwaves in which you’re more creative and more efficient at problem solving.

Finally, the deepest level of meditation brings about delta brainwaves; which is when your body
is most effective at renewing itself. Your immune system functions better and you are most in
tune with the subconscious part of your mind.

How to do it

Meditation is simple. Find a quiet place where you can sit free of distractions. Close your eyes
and pay attention to your breath as you feel the air as it enters and exits your body.

If you notice your thoughts begin to wander, just bring them back to your breathing. The more
you practice, the more you will be able to keep your focus solely on the air going in and out of
your lungs.

Bringing meditation into your life on a daily basis will bring you a calmness and clarity that
you’ve never experienced. After all, what have you go to lose other than some stress and

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